Roofer SEM Reporting

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Several Metrics Are Included in a Standard SEM Report

The performance of SEM, or Search Engine Marketing, can only be gauged through measurement and reporting. Roofing Webmasters installs Google Analytics on each of our client’s websites to produce insightful and performance-based reports. Through analysis, we identify areas of your website that require improvement, and outline tangible solutions. Some of the metrics included in a standard website performance report, include:

  • Bounce Rate: Gauging how often users edit your website immediately
  • Conversion Funneling: Breaking down the conversion process to isolate problem areas
  • Organic Reach: Measuring your organic search relevance and the traffic it generates
  • PPC ROI: Tracking the return on investment of your PPC campaigns

Besides its insighfulness, reporting establishes accountability for marketing companies. Without reports, clients would never fully grasp the value of their marketing, and if it was translating into positive ROI. Of course, roofers know if leads are coming in, but they don’t know the source, or the cost, without competent reports. If your current marketing company fails to produce such information upon your request, now might be the perfect time to make the switch to Roofing Webmasters. Call (800) 353-5758 for SEM reporting services.

Google Analytics for SEM Reporting

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Google Analytics is The Primary Reporting Tool for SEM

The single most important tool for SEM reporting is Google Analytics. This free platform is virtually limitless in what it can track, measure, and report on. Of course, it requires someone with knowledge of SEM, and internet marketing in general, to organize the raw data into a report that illustrates something useful. Its affiliation with Google makes it all the more impressive, as the data is coming straight from the most important source of all; Google. Advantages to Google Analytics include:

  • Conversions: We create conversion goals to measure channel value
  • Installation: We install GA on your website within the code
  • Tracking: We setup GA to track various metrics, pages, and domains
  • Troubleshooting: We correct any errors within GA and it’s integration

Every roofing company website should be equipped with Analytics tracking. Unfortunately for many, that is not the case, and important digital events are not being recorded. As a result, weaknesses become harder to identify, making improvements less likely. The worst case scenario for contractors is to throw away monthly bills on marketing services that retain no accountability and have full control over your online presence. Roofing Webmasters values transparency and keeps customers informed.

Addressing Weaknesses in SEM Reports

Editor Reviews Monthly ReportA good report identifies weakness in a website, or digital marketing campaign in general. If the report fails to identify any shortcomings, it’s more likely than not that the reporting is flawed, rather than your website lacking flaws altogether. Even high performance websites have areas they can improve on. What’s most important however, is having a service that can address weaknesses, rather than merely cite them. Telling someone their website is broken doesn’t help them fix it. We do both.

As a marketing company that focuses on the roofing industry, we have insights not possessed by other firms. Our years of experience working with contractors gives us a leg up on similar companies. SEM is a big part of what we do at Roofing Webmasters, but we also do so much more. In addition to SEM, we offer SEO, PPC, and social media, each of which can be reported on and analyzed. That’s not even mentioning perhaps our most impactful service; website design. We build custom websites for roofers. Call (800) 353-5758 for SEM reporting from Roofing Webmasters.