Roofer Marketing Reports

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Good Reporting Requires Both Measurement & Analysis

In the age of information, data is more accessible than ever before. Properly measuring and analyzing online performance is critical to the success of your roofing company. It is easy to get overwhelmed by an excess of statistics — so understanding what to measure and how to analyze it prevents information overload. Roofing Webmasters offers marketing reports to keep clients informed about the progress of their internet marketing campaign. Our reports cover the following:

  • Attribution: The source of your traffic, leads, and conversions
  • Funnel: Defined points in the process from visitor to lead
  • Progress: Increases or decreases over a period of time
  • Revenue: Monetary earnings within a defined period

Good reporting requires not only proper measurement, but proper analysis of the resulting data. Roofing Webmasters is an expert in the marketing industry and has been generating analytical reports for years. We believe customers who are informed make better decisions, and are happier overall with their investment. Since we offer both month to month (MTM) plans and pay per lead (PPL) plans, contractors have their choice in payment models. To discuss marketing reports for roofers, give us a call at (800) 353-5758.

Reporting Tools For Roofers

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Google Analytics Is The Best Reporting Tool Available

Ever wonder how consumer behavior is measured? In the modern digital landscape, various tools exist to track and measure the behavior of on-site visitors, and even provide insights to their journey to and away from your website. Roofing Webmasters utilizes several of these tools so that we can set up revealing measurement formulas, and generate insightful reports that companies can understand and react to. Some of the best reporting tools for roofers include:

  • Google Analytics: The ultimate on-site tracking software which features custom reporting
  • Google Search Console: Another Google based reporting tool that reveals information like search queries
  • MOZ Pro: Track and analyze campaigns for individual websites, and online brands
  • Supermetrics: A data driven reporting tool that presents appealing insights

Both Google tools are free to use, making them especially useful for DIY marketers. With that said, knowing how to set up, track, and analyze information on Google Analytics is not an easy task. That’s why marketing companies like Roofing Webmasters set up custom measurements for Google Analytics and generate custom reports based on those findings. Remember, data is only valuable if it can be analyzed, interpreted, and translated into a tangible action. For a company that can handle every aspect of marketing reports, choose Roofing Webmasters.

Source Attribution For Roofers

Editor Reviews Monthly ReportWhere is your traffic coming from? Where are your leads coming from? Which channels are producing traffic with the highest conversion rates? These are all questions on the mind of the average roofing contractor, and they are questions we can answer with marketing reports. Source attribution is one of the most critical components of reporting, as it illustrates where leads and traffic are coming from and instructs us on where to allocate our resources. Say for example, your company is getting most of its leads from PPC ads — you may want to invest more in PPC management and less in social media or SEO.

Attribution can be as general or specific as you’d like. For example, we can produce statistics for “social” traffic, and / or we can produce individual metrics for each social platform like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. The same is true of website traffic. We are able to gauge which visitors are arriving at your site through organic search, and which are finding it through PPC ads, social media posts, or other referral sources. All of this information is useful to roofing companies and it can help improve marketing efficiency over time. Call (800) 353-5758 to learn more about marketing reports.