Organic vs Paid Search (2020 Update)

Paid and organic clicks both have unique advantages. Paid clicks can be obtained quickly because advertisers can pay their way to the top. Organic clicks take time to earn through SEO but are the more sustainable investment long-term. In 2020, roofers should not ask which option is better but rather how to utilize both to create the ultimate internet marketing campaign. Every roofing company should have a custom website that is SEO-optimized. Depending on its tenure, PPC can be used in moderation or more frequently. Take a look at how a Google SERP is constructed for roofing keywords:

Local Roofing SERP

Long Term vs Short Term Ranking

Google is the #1 search engine in the world. How well your company ranks on the search engine will influence the success of your business. There are two primary ways to rank on Google search engine results pages (SERPs). They are; organic results and paid ads. The first and most sustainable method is organic search. Through search engine optimization, your website can build equity from links and user experience, cementing your long-term position on SERPs. While this method can be applied relatively quickly, it takes time for Google to process. Advantages to organic search includes:

  • Cost: Unlike PPC, organic results do not require payments to display
  • Relevance: If a user finds your website organically, they are far more likely to be a relevant consumer
  • Sustainability: Organic results have the most long-term sustainability

As we mentioned, organic results can take awhile to appear, due to Google’s crawling and indexing process. The search engine wants to make sure your website is legit, rather than just a flash in the pan. The waiting time can be frustrating for some roofing contractors, which is why they often opt to supplement organic search with PPC advertising. For companies new to the industry, generating leads fast is often a top priority, and they simply don’t want to wait for organic rankings. Even so, these companies should still implement SEO during the PPC process, so they get the best of both worlds.

Meeting To Discuss Organic Vs Paid Search

Paid Search for Roofing Companies

As we’ve mentioned, paid search is often the more popular choice because it works quickly, and roofers want leads right now. The problem with paid search is that it is not sustainable. While it can be effective for a defined time period, as long as the market is properly researched, it is not a realistic long-term solution. Roofing Webmasters encourages PPC advertising to supplement organic search, not to replace it. Advantages to PPC include:

  • Budgeting: Set a defined budget, and prevent yourself from going over
  • Immediacy: Fast results, which is what roofers wnt
  • Targeting: PPC ads can target specific locations and demographics

Despite its pitfalls, PPC can be an overall positive when properly utilized. The best way to use it is in addition to SEO. Targeting features allow roofers to engage in the the most efficient spending possible, and make it so you only spend dollars on clicks that actually matter. There’s a term in search marketing known as “empty clicks”. These clicks come from users highly unlikely to be converted into customers. The objective is to eliminate as many of these as possible. This saves money and resources for companies.

Combining Organic and Paid Search

The best approach is to combine both methods and allow them to work collaboratively to generate roofing leads. Organic search is where most of your long-term success will derive from, and should serve as the foundation of your internet marketing strategy. As a support system to the long term traffic generation of organic search, PPC advertising is a great tool. With targeting features, money can be spent in small spurts, to maximize market reach. This can really help while roofers wait for organic SEO to take effect.

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If you’re looking for a company that offers both organic and paid search options, you have come to the right place. Roofing Webmasters offers organic SEO services along with PPC advertising services. We use each method collaboratively to create the ultimate search marketing strategy for roofers. We’ve been working with contractors in your industry for years, and know what it takes to market to and reach your target audience. We believe in a full web presence for lead generation.

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