Roofer Organic vs Paid Search 

Organic Search Strategy Meeting
Roofing Webmasters knows what Google prioritizes

Google is the number one search engine in the world. How your company ranks on Google will go a long way in determining the ultimate success of your roofing company online. There are two effective ways to rank high in Google search results. Which is why we will discuss roofer organic vs paid search. The first, and most sustainable way, is organic search. Roofing Webmasters understands what it takes to optimize your website for organic search ranking.. While these SEO practices can be implemented fairly quickly, it still takes time for Google to index your company website and have enough trust that it will maintain its good SEO activity.

So what do you do in the meantime if you need to gain customers fast? Paid search programs like Adwords and Bing ads provide companies with a way to immediately rank high in search results. It is a solid short term solution for roofing companies. It is important that if you decide to use paid search methods, you don’t abandon your goal of organic search ranking. Roofer organic vs paid search doesn’t have to be all or nothing. The two strategies can work together to create both immediate and sustainable success.

Organic Search for Roofing Companies

Organic vs Paid Search Review
Paid search is an option for roofers who want immediate results

Over time, organic search results will be the foundation for your roofing company’s online presence. It is imperative that you follow fundamental SEO practices to climb the Google rankings for organic search. While it will take time for Google to index your website as a trusted, reliable source, maintaining consistent SEO practices will eventually get you there.

Quality content, great design, natural link building, and consistent blog posts are some of the things Google looks for when deciding where you will rank organically. These are not instant gratification propositions, but the long term benefits will be outstanding. Having authority on Google is something that you cannot buy, it has to be earned with dedication.

Should Roofing Contractors Invest in Paid Search?

Paid Search Results
Adwords gives roofing contractors a bigger audience

Roofing contractors looking to build a customer base fast should consider paid search options. Google Adwords provides companies with a chance to bid on ad space for certain keywords. If a potential customer typed in “roofer in (location)” you could pay to place an ad for your roofing company in that search result. The best part is that most users won’t know that it was an ad being placed. They will think that your website just showed up very high in the search results.

Similarly, Bing ads provide ad space within search results, but to a somewhat smaller audience. Still, the lack of a minimum amount on your budget makes Bing ads a good option for roofing contractors who can’t afford to overspend. In addition to Bing search results, your ad has an opportunity to show up on Microsoft Office, The Wall Street Journal, and AOL. To talk to an expert about roofer organic vs paid search, call (800) 353-5758