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User Feedback on Facebook Helps Shape Perception

Reputation management is an important aspect of internet marketing. There are several places where a roofing company’s reputation is defined. One of those is Facebook, through Facebook Reviews. Despite its re-emphasis on personal connections, Facebook still serves as a premier review platform, and one consumers trust to provide legitimate customer feedback. There are several components to Facebook Reviews, some of which include:

  • Enable / Disable: An option to enable or disable reviews
  • Public / Private: Users can rank companies either publicly, or privately (only public reviews impact your page’s star rating)
  • Report: Reviews that are spam and do not follow Facebook Community Standards can be reported
  • Star Rating: For enabled pages, star ratings are based on the average score

Roofing companies who have been in business for a while most likely have a Facebook Business Page, for those who don’t, you’ll want to invest in our Facebook marketing services, which include the creation of a Business Page. Once your page is established, and optimized for local search, you can begin to monitor feedback. A few bad reviews can negatively impact your brand, which is why it’s important to be aware whenever a new review is left. You can turn on notifications to be alerted of such incidents. Call (800) 353-5758 for Facebook Reviews management.

Should Roofers Enable Facebook Reviews?

Roofer Facebook Review Management
Responding To Negative Reviews Shows Transparency

Any roofer who has faith in their own services, should enable reviews. The absence of reviews is just as bad, if not worse, than the presence of negative ones. Companies who exhibit transparency tend to build a more formidable online reputation over time. Facebook details how to enable reviews on a Business Page in their Help Center. If you are still undecided, consider the advantages of enabling reviews:

  • Branding: A roofing company page with reviews helps establish a legitimate brand
  • Community: Facebook reviews help you expand your social community
  • Transparency: Companies with nothing to hide are naturally more trustworthy
  • Visibility: You should be rewarded for your good work and have the word spread to social media users

The only other option is to disable reviews, which is bad PR for your company for the reasons mentioned above. An absence of reviews delegitimizes your business, makes it look novice, and discourages consumer trust in general. Another major concern with disabling is the hindrance it has on brand development. If you are never provided with feedback, and the ability to respond to it, you’ll have trouble expanding brand awareness and establishing an online identify in your local service area as well as the roofing industry.

Responding to Negative Facebook Reviews

Discussing Customer FeedbackOnce you concede that enabling reviews is the best option, you must brace yourself for the potential of negative feedback. Any business that’s been in business long enough will have a distressed customer from time to time. With so many outlets in today’s digital landscape, customers can voice their displeasure to the masses, whenever they choose to. There are steps businesses can take to prevent customers from taking their complaints public, but once they do, the only option left is damage control. It’s best to think of negative feedback as a PR opportunity rather than an indictment on your services, or something that will ruin your brand.

Like we mentioned before, negative reviews are not necessarily as bad as an absence of reviews altogether. Negative feedback, while often harsh and sometimes unwarranted, still serves as user generated content about your company, and provides a great opportunity to exhibit your company’s values in a public forum. Remember, when consumers research local businesses, they not only see customer feedback, but also how the company responded. The response is what often leaves a lasting impression on the consumer. With that in mind, using professional language, and being courteous and solution-oriented, is the best course of action for roofers. To get started with Facebook Reviews management, call us now at (800) 353-5758.