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Facebook is a Increasingly Popular Review Platform

There are several places on the internet where roofing reviews are common. Facebook has become a major destination for customer reviews in the recent years and that trend is likely to grow throughout 2018. If your roofing company has a Facebook page, you should be cognizant of their review system. Some of the things you should be aware of are:

  • Enable / Disable: Facebook allows company pages to either enable or disable reviews
  • Public / Private: Facebook allows users to rank companies either publicly, or privately to friends and other segmented lists (only public reviews impact your page’s star rating)
  • Report: Reviews that are spam and do not follow Facebook Community Standards can be reported
  • Star Rating: For enabled pages, star ratings are based on the average score

Needless to say, your star rating is a reflection of your company’s reputation. That’s why a few bad reviews can really impact your overall brand. It is important to encourage satisfied customers to leave reviews as well as to respond to negative ones. For roofer Facebook review management, call us at (800) 353-5758.

Should Roofers Enable Facebook Reviews?

Discussing Facebook Reviews
Roofers Should Enable Facebook Reviews

If you feel that your business does good work, you should absolutely enable reviews on your Facebook Business Page. Companies that are transparent tend to build a more formidable online reputation over time. Consider the following advantages to enabling page reviews:

  • Branding: A roofing company page with reviews helps establish a legitimate brand
  • Community: Facebook reviews help you expand your social community
  • Transparency: Companies with nothing to hide are naturally more trustworthy
  • Visibility: You should be rewarded for your good work and have the word spread to social media users

The other option, of course, is to disable reviews all together. You can do that from your Business Page settings. This is not recommended because of the reasons mentioned above. A lack of reviews only hurts your brand and discourages transparency.

Responding to Negative Facebook Reviews

Roofer Facebook Review ManagementEnabling reviews does, of course, create the risk of unhappy customers leaving negative ones. But when you consider that they can leave those bad reviews elsewhere it makes little sense to restrict them from doing it on Facebook. Instead, handle them as you would any other negative review and respond in a professional and solution-oriented manner.

One advantage of Facebook is that it offers additional insight into your customer base. If someone leaves a bad review, you can click on their profile (if public) and learn a little bit more about them. Furthermore, you can directly message the distressed customer and offer your solution and a more personal way. For roofer Facebook review management, call (800) 353-5758.