Roofer HomeAdvisor Citations

HomeAdvisor is a Niche Directory For Roofers

On the extensive list of NAP citations for roofers, some hold especially more weight than others. One of those citations is HomeAdvisor, which is a directory that focuses on the home service industry. As a roofer, a directory like HA is considered part of  your niche market, as a higher percentage of visitors will be interested in your services than they would be on more general listing directories. Advantages to a claimed and optimized HomeAdvisor listing include:

  • Branding: HA is a good place to establish brand identity
  • Contact: HA serves as an additional contact point for roofers
  • SEO: HA citations have had historically good impact on Google position
  • Voice Recognition: HA has integrated with Amazon Echo to meet relevant voice commands

As you might note, HomeAdvisor is an especially beneficial  citation to roofers. Not only does your company establish accurate and consistent contact information but it does so on a platform that caters to your target audience. The affect is doubly advantageous, since you establish a credible citation while also increasing your visibility to your target audience. To further discuss HomeAdvisor for roofing companies, give us a call at (800) 353-5758.

HomeAdvisor’s Impact On Local SEO

Editor Reviews HA Citation
Citations Directly Influence Local Optimization

Google determines local SEO by trust and authority. To build trust and authority, you need consistent listings of your business across multiple directories. Uniform information indicates to Google that your business is legitimate and worthy of moving up on local search results. Say for example, your listing on Better Business Bureau Google My Business, and HomeAdvisor are all accurate and consistent. If so, you can expect an increase in search visibility. Citations on HomeAdvisor help build:

  • Accuracy
  • Authority
  • Consistency
  • Trust

For roofing contractors, local SEO is the driving force of your business success. To be found online in today’s market, you must be optimized for local search. If you aren’t, you are losing out to competitors for hundreds, if not thousands, of potential leads. The good news is that Roofing Webmasters can optimize your local presence rather quickly. We’ll get you listed on all the right directories, and ensure consistent and accurate NAP information.

How Roofing Companies Can Build Citations With HomeAdvisor

Content Team Edits HA CitationContractors can claim their free HomeAdvisor listing. Bear in mind, HomeAdvisor offers an additional Pro service, which you don’t have to purchase in order to have a listing. The Pro service is for lead generation, and you won’t need it if you invest in Roofing Webmasters. The leads you get from local SEO will more than make up for the potential leads you’ll get from HA Pro, and our leads are exclusive. The most important thing is to clam and optimize your listing, and ensure it is accurate and consistent.

One wrong piece of information can have massive consequences for your company. Imagine posting the wrong phone number on HomeAdvisor. Not only does this confuse customers who see a different phone number on your website and other sources, but it creates a real possibility of you losing out on would-be customers. If they dial the wrong number, their next course of action is often to move on to the next available roofing company. To prevent this, call Roofing Webmasters at (800) 353-5758.