Roofer BBB Citations

BBB Accreditation Improves Company Repuatation

In the online marketing space, if you aren’t getting better, you are getting worse. Roofing companies looking to get better for 2018, should consider all possible outlets to enhance their online presence. One of those outlets is accreditation from the Better Business Bureau (BBB). Aside from serving as a valuable citation source, BBB can take your online presence a step further with accreditation. This measure promotes the following for roofing companies:

  • Competitive Advantage: The literal seal of approval can tip a lead in your favor
  • Dispute Resolution: Accredited business receive free mediation for official complaints
  • Public Confidence: Affiliation with BBB provides instant credibility to your business
  • Self Regulation: BBB works to weed out unethical companies, which further advances your business

Even if you opt against a BBB accreditation, you should still claim and optimize your business listing on the BBB directory, as it can serve as a valuable NAP citation. As is the case with any other listing, you should ensure the accuracy and consistency of your name, address, and phone number. Moz’s 2017 Local Ranking Factors indicate that citation signals account for a significant percentage of Local SEO. Call (800) 353-5758 for BBB accreditation for roofing companies.

How Does a Roofing Company Get BBB Accreditation?

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Any business can apply for accreditation by visiting the Better Business Bureau official website. If accepted, you will be required to pay a reasonable annual fee, allowing you license to display the BBB seal of approval on your website, and other marketing materials. Needless to say, an accredited business inherits more presumed trust than one that lacks the same distinction. To successfully apply for BBB accreditation, you’ll need the following:

  • Proof of Ownership: Documents proving that you own your roofing company
  • References: Official references that endorse your business and banking credibility
  • Proof of License: Documents proving that you are licensed to work on roofing projects
  • Yearly Payment: Expect to pay between $400 and $1200 annually depending on the size of your company

Once you obtain accreditation, you are able to display the BBB badge on your website, and other marketing materials. If you partner with Roofing Webmasters, we will ensure that the badge is displayed where necessary. In addition to the badge of approval, a BBB listing also provides your business with a quality backlink, and one trusted by search engines like Google. Combine that with the trust earned from the BBB badge, and you have increased awareness for your brand, exponentially.

Will Multiple BBB Citations Hurt My Roofing Company

BBB Displayed on TabletMultiple citations on any directory will hurt your local SEO, and this problem is not exclusive to BBB. Most directories get their information from data aggregators which feed contact information collected from various sources, some of which might be outdated and inaccurate. The good news is that Roofing Webmasters offers citation cleanup for contractors and companies. We will ensure the accuracy and consistency of each of your business listings throughout the internet.

BBB is one of the most helpful directories as far as identifying duplicate listings. On your BBB page, you will find a section that covers “alternate business names” and “additional phone numbers” which will give you a greater understanding of how much misinformation about your business currently exists on the web. If it turns out that there are several variations to your NAP information, it is critical to remedy the problem with citation cleanup services. Your local optimization is at stake. Call (800) 353-5758 for BBB citation optimization for roofers.