Roofer BBB Citations

BBB accreditation helps your roofing company’s reputation

If your roofing company does not have Better Business Bureau (BBB) accreditation, it still may have a listed citation. Just like on other local directories, you need your roofer BBB citation to be accurate and consistent with the rest of your listings. Remember, online citation optimization is critical to your local SEO. Roofing companies are marketing their services to local customers, and those customers need to be able to find and verify your services.

Although BBB is not as popular among young people as a website like Yelp, it still holds significant weight in the roofing industry. When a consumer receives poor service, they often think about the BBB and how they can warn potential customers. Trust is a vital component to building a roofer customer base. You must have credibility in order to grow your online presence.

How Does a Roofing Company Get BBB Accreditation?

BBB Citations Discussion
Roofing contractors should place importance on local SEO

For a reasonable yearly fee, roofing companies can become BBB accredited. To apply for accreditation, you can visit their website and fill out the application. A roofer BBB citation holds more weight when your company is accredited. In addition, BBB accreditation provides another benefit to your local SEO ranking; a backlink. BBB provides a reputable citation and gives you a quality reputable backlink for your website, including backlinks to your service pages which will help your SEO even more.

Another benefit to Roofer BBB accreditation is the badge. If you are approved by the BBB, you are licensed to display the BBB accredited badge on your website. Now you have built a great citation, created a quality backlink, and are able to display a badge on your website that will increase your reputation among potential customers. As soon as visitors see that badge, they feel more comfortable about your roofing company services.

Roofer BBB Citations Discussion
Roofing Companies need consistent data for local SEO

Will Multiple BBB Citations Hurt My Roofing Company

BBB is one of the best websites for deciphering information. A good way to check if you have multiple citations is to visit your company listing on BBB. They will list things like “additional phone numbers” and “alternate business names” to give you an idea of what kind of information is listed throughout the web. If you notice a bunch of variations to your roofing company’s phone number, name, and address, you will require citation cleanup in order to maximize your local SEO. These variations hurt your chances of ranking locally. You must have consistent information across listing directories. For roofer BBB citation management, call (800) 353-5758 right now!