Backlink Monitoring for Roofing Websites (2020)

When roofing websites have spam backlinks they become subject to manual Google penalty. That’s why monitoring backlinks is important for roofers. You can use tools like AHRefs, SEMRush, Majestic, MOZ, and Google Search Console to review your links. Google Search Console will also notify you if Google has manually penalized your website. If your website has been manually penalized, recovering can take months or even years, if it is salvageable at all. It’s best to avoid this predicament in the first place.

What Causes Spam Backlinks?

Spam backlinks can be created by anyone at anytime. In many cases, the worst inbound links pointing to your domain were not created by you or anyone associated with your website. Google has publicly stated in so many words that you shouldn’t worry too much about this. However, there is the option to disavow backlinks in Google Search Console if you are fearful of having too many of them. The other way to create spam links is of course the deliberate way, by doing it yourself. This can be done is a tactic to trick the algorithm into assigning more authority to your website. If you are suspected of engaging in this tactic, a manual penalty is likely.

What is a Negative SEO Attack?

When a competitor of yours intends to destroy your online reputation they will engage in campaigns known as “negative SEO attacks.” These mostly consist of sending the worst kinds of spam links to your domain. These links originate from extremely low quality websites and often from ones that are flagged by Google as blatant and harmful. Like we noted, Google has publicly stated not to worry too much about this because they don’t want to penalize you for someone else’s work. Still, you can disavow these links to be safe.

Inbound Links for Your Roofing Website

Backlinks and inbound links are interchangable terms that mean the same thing. Inbound refers to a link that is coming from an external domain and pointing to your own. Backlinks have always played a role in SEO and still have influence in 2020. Google no longer validates low quality links however, so to really see benefits on search results, you are going to need links from credible and established sources. By monitoring your backlinks you can assess their quality and determine whether you need to pursue more. The following are characteristics of quality inbound links:

  • Authoritative: Coming from an authority in the roofing industry or a related field
  • Credible: Originating from a credible source with good standing
  • Natural: Built organically rather than manipuatively
  • Relevant: Corresponding to the content to which it links to

Backlinks still play a major role in SEO, the difference today is that they must be earned. While link building was a reasonable practice in the internet’s early era, buying or exchanging links can no longer improve search rankings. The most valuable links are now formed naturally through content marketing and brand development. Consistently good content production encourages other credible websites to start linking to your pages. Roofing companies should also stay mindful of manual link building strategies, as many of them border on manipulation.

Director Reviews Inbound Links

How To Earn Quality Roofing Backlinks

Earning quality backlinks is the best way to increase organic reach. There are several ways a website can improve its chances of being linked to by credible and authoritative domains. Roofing Webmasters is at the forefront of digital marketing and is constantly evaluating the best practices for roofing companies. Our team includes web designers, SEO experts, content marketers, and PPC managers. We understand how to produce content worth linking to. Below are some basic ways in which to optimize an online presence for natural link building:

  • Brand Development: A well designed logo, clear philosophy, and defined culture attracts praise
  • Content Marketing: Creating and optimizing high quality roofing content
  • Social Sharing: Posting blog links on social media can reveal content to a larger audience
  • Regular Blogging: Publishing monthly blog posts creates more link-worthy content

To monitor backlinks, is to ensure that they originate from quality sources. Google strictly adheres to its policy against manipulative link building — and links from low-quality, and spam-heavy websites are not conducive to a organic ranking improvement. Penalties for link schemes are severe, and can permanently damage a website’s SEO. We keep eyes on your links at all times, with knowledge that not all links are formed with the your consent. Spammers may try to create inbound links without your knowledge or consent, and it can have the negative long term implication.

How To Disavow Poor Roofing Backlinks

For website’s with poor inbound links, Google offers a free Disavow Links Tool, which allows websites to disassociate from suspect linking root domains. Sometimes these connections were self-inflicted, perhaps from a previous marketing company that handled your campaign, and sometimes they are simply bad luck or random. In either case, using the Disavow Tool to repair your link profile puts you one step closer to an ideal online presence. Low quality links originate from the following sources:

  • Content Farms: Clickbait headlines that lead to empty spam and popups
  • Internet Forums: Spam links to websites on discussion forums
  • Russian (or other international) Websites: Websites promoting gibberish or foreign languages
  • Spam Comments: Links originating from comment sections on blogs

Any service promising thousands of backlinks can be red flagged immediately. Promises like these indicate false advertising, or in worse cases, manipulative link building practices. In the latter scenario, your website is subject to Google penalty. Not only will you have wasted money on an illegitimate marketing company, but you now have to deal with penalty recovery, and the headache that comes along with it. To prevent any of these issues, invest in

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