Domain Authority for Roofing Websites (Updated for 2020)

On March 5, 2019 MOZ announced Domain Authority 2.0 which altered the popular metric’s algorithm and changed the DA scores of most websites on the internet. Your roofing company website’s score may have been impacted by this change but is important to remind yourself that MOZ DA scores do not affect Google search ranking. While they are designed to predict the authority of your website in the eyes of Google, the score is in no way an indication that Google plans to change your ranking.

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What is Domain Authority?

Domain Authority is a metric developed by MOZ that aims to predict the standing of your website based on its backlink profile. Websites with high domain authorities are presumed to have earned more trust from Google and are predicted to rank better over time.

What Domain Authority is Not

Domain Authority is not affiliated with Google and therefore has no impact on its rankings. The DA metric aims to be predictive but is also speculative. Roofers with low DA scores should not assume they have no chance to rank, as many other factors besides backlinks are considered by Google when ranking sites.

Influencing Domain Authority

To influence DA, you must earn quality backlinks from reputable websites. This is particularity true with the new 2.0 update which places greater value on quality links while weeding out links from domains with low traffic and clear irrelevance. Roofers should not view DA as their ticket to the top of search rankings. Instead, they should review the top SEO practices for roofers in 2020. Link building can be valuable for roofing company websites but it is far from the only ranking factor.

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Inbound Links

The MOZ DA scale is rooted in inbound links (backlinks). The value of a link varies based on dynamic characteristics. Some percentage of Domain Authority is based on the sheer amount of inbound links pointing to your domain from external sites.  You can use MOZBar on Google Chrome to see the total number of inbound links pointing to your website or others.

Linking Root Domains

Multiple inbound links can come from a single domain, but there is greater value in a diverse link profile. Having 20 links from 20 different domains is much more helpful than having 20 links coming from a single domain (all else being equal). MOZ’s DA score reflects this as higher scores tend to have more diversity.

Linking Domain Authority

The DA score of the website linking to yours is one of the foremost considerations for MOZ. If a highly authoritative website like Google (DA 100) links to your roofing website (for a relevant reason) you can expect it to raise your score much higher than if an unknown blogger in your local community provides a link.

Spam Score

One factor that can lower your DA is the spam score (another MOZ metric) of linking root domains. If websites with low traffic and poor content link to you, it will actually hurt your website more than help it, at least in the eyes of MOZ. Sites like those have high spam scores which than reflect poorly on your domain by associating with your website.

What is Considered a Good DA For Roofers?

Most roofing websites have lower DA scores as of March 2019. As a roofer, you should never compare yourself to major brands like Apple, Google, or Wikipedia, all of which have DA’s of at least 98. MOZ stresses that DA is a relative metric so your goal should be to be competitive with other roofers in your area. Typical roofing company websites have DA’s ranging from 10-30. Using the MOZBar on Chrome, you can perform a search of local roofers in your area and see where your website stands comparatively. Remember, Google does not use MOZ’s DA metric in determining their search rankings.

If you have a DA score of below 10, there are several reasons why that might be the case. The most common one is that your website is brand new. Because sites that have recently launched have no real opportunity to acquire links, their DA score will reflect that. If your site has been around for more than one year and still has a noticeably low DA you should look into link building strategies for roofers to improve your backlink profile. Don’t lose sight of SEO while focusing on Domain Authority however, as a well-optimized site can rank in a variety of different ways, all of which are sustainable.

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