301 Redirects for Roofing Websites (2020)

Roofing companies should also be looking for ways to improve their SEO. One of the less discussed improvements possible comes in the form of 301 redirection. By redirecting indexed URL’s to newer or more relevant pages, roofing websites can improve in ranking, increase customer conversion, and improve their overall brand in the eyes of Google.

What is a 301 Redirect?

A 301 redirect is a permanent forwarding of one URL to another one. There are other forms of redirection that can be utilized, but 301’s are considered the best for search engine optimization purposes. The number 301 denotes “Moved Permanently” in reference to the old URL’s migration to a new address.

301 Redirect Graphic

What is The Point of URL Redirection?

There are several reasons why a roofing website would want to redirect a page. They include:

  • Duplicate/Similar Content: Say, for example, your website has a page for tile roofing, but it needs to be updated to residential tile roofing, you will want to redirect the lower quality page to the higher quality one
  • Prefix Consistency: Believe it or not, search engines consider www pages to be separate from http:// pages of the same content — redirecting all links to one common prefix solves this quandary and improves domain authority
  • Search Optimization: If one of your URLs has built up SEO equity but needs to be moved to a similar or duplicate page, 301 redirects will do the trick
  • Website Rebranding: If your company does a full rebrand, or if you simply have a new website, you may want to redirect high performing pages to their newer counterpart

For websites that are migrating to a new domain name, It is highly recommended that 301 redirection takes place before the launch of your new website. If you fail to complete this important step, your new site’s SEO can suffer major consequences due to confusion of Google’s web crawls.

301 Redirection Roofing Website

How 301 Redirects Impact SEO

We previously noted that migration to a new website must be handled with care in order to maintain previous SEO equity. In general, 301 redirection is the best practice to both create and maintain optimization. This is true because 301’s allow link quality to be transferred to the newer page. Some of the ways in which 301 redirection impacts SEO include:

  • Crawling: Proper 301 redirects help Google crawl your website more efficiently
  • Efficiency: Make sure you are not competing against yourself on search engines
  • Link Building: Maintain link juice built up from previous versions of your website or pages
  • User Experience: Forwarding users to the most optimal page helps influence ranking

Some pages impact roofing websites more than others. It is important to condense your pages to the most optimal structure. After all, URL structure influences search engine rankings. Besides, the more user friendly your site structure is, the more seamlessly website visitors will navigate your pages, and ultimately invest in your services. Roofing Webmasters handles all link building issues for you, so you never have to sweat.

Do I Need a Web Designer for 301 Redirection?

If you are unfamiliar with terms like Apache configuration, htaccess folder, and server subdirectory, then you almost certainly need professional assistance in redirecting your URLs. Luckily, Roofing Webmasters is well equipped to do the job. Our team of web designers will handle any and all link structuring for your roofing company website. The service comes as a part of a larger marketing campaign that will involve website design, SEO and lead generation.

Not only is it smart to invest in professional services for redirection, but it makes sense for your other website needs as well. Roofing Webmasters is a one stop shop for all your internet marketing needs. Not only will we ensure the consistency of your URL structure, but we will make sure your website contains the best possible SEO and generates the most possible leads for your business. Each of our client sites is custom designed by professionals and specifically optimized for the roofer’s local service area.

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