Roofer Website Penalty Recovery

Roofer Website Penalty
Was your roofing company website penalized?

If you believe your roofing company website has been penalized by Google, Roofing Webmasters can help you recover. Roofer website penalty recovery is a service we provide for a number of reasons. First, roofing contractors who put their trust in the wrong person may have unknowingly damaged their online reputation. Second, recovering from that penalty is something that a roofer doesn’t have time to do with their busy schedule. Third, growing your online presence relies on a having a good online reputation. We can help you get that.

Why Was Your Roofing Company Website Penalized?

Roofer Website Recovery
Exploitative website design can cause a Google penalty

Your roofing company website was penalized because of exploitative behavior. If you are not the manager of your website, it may have been unknowingly compromised. Google has several standards for what can be considered exploitative behavior:

Design and Presentation

If your website was designed to force the user to do something, it could be penalized. If users arrive at your website and can’t easily get out, it’s considered a major exploitation. Similarly, if visitors are automatically redirected to a different page, you are subject to penalty. You shouldn’t flood the screen with advertisements either, as this worsens the overall user experience.

Duplicate Content

Roofer Website Management
We stay on top of Google algorithms

If your website is just a bunch of pages with identical content, you are almost guaranteeing yourself a penalty. Roofing Webmasters provides content for each page, so that users won’t be reading the exact same thing over and over. Google puts the user first, so anything that will make their experience worse, makes you vulnerable to a penalty.

Keyword Stuffing

Stuffing your page with keywords will also get you penalized. Certain websites use a tactic to hide the flooding of keywords by making the text invisible. Google has the ability to detect that and penalize you. Even if you don’t use the invisibility tactic, stuffing your page with keywords can get you penalized. Your content should be easily readable and informative in order to satisfy the user.

Unnatural Backlinking

If Google detects that too many backlinks to your website are originating from unrelated or unreliable sources, they will penalize you for it. People not looking for roofing services don’t want to be brought to your website. We provide link building services to help you avoid penalty.

How Roofing Contractor Websites Can Recover

Roofing Webmasters can recover your roofing company website from Google algorithm penalty. Google provides tools that allow website owners to disavow backlinks that are hurting their SEO. In addition, requests can be made to websites that host some of your unnatural backlinks. The process can be somewhat complicated, but Roofing Webmasters has the resources to get your website back in good standing. For roofer website penalty recovery call (800) 353-5758