Roofer Google Algorithm Services

Google Algorithm Meeting
Google continues to prioritize user experience

You may have heard marketing services use terms like penguin and hummingbird. These are the names of Google algorithm updates. Too often, these terms are used to sell marketing services that don’t end up increasing the performance of your website. At Roofing Webmasters, we offer roofer Google algorithm services that will actually help you rank in search results. We have a dedicated staff that keeps up with the latest changes to the Google algorithm. Don’t let complicated vocabulary trick you into paying a fortune for web marketing services. We help you grow your roofing company presence online. We are confident that the increase in your customer base will make your investment well worth it.

How Roofing Contractors Can Keep Up With Google

Google Algorithm
Roofing company websites must evolve as Google does

As Google continues to develop its algorithm to create the best user experience, roofing company websites should be mindful of the changes. The following guide outlines major changes in the Google algorithm:

Panda (2011)

Around 2011, Google started to penalize inferior content in order to maximize user experience. High quality content is now a requirement for high ranking websites.

Penguin (2012)

Google decided to put an end to shady linking practices in 2012. There is now a zero tolerance policy for unnatural linking, and participating in such activity is the quickest way to destroy your website’s value.

Google Quality Links
Keyword relevance is important

Hummingbird (2013)

In 2013, Google began to implement more intuitive search results for users. Keywords alone will no longer rank your website, as more importance has been placed on keyword relevance.

Pigeon (2014)

In 2014, Google began honing in on location data and mapping in order to provide users with more accurate search results.

Mobile Friendly (2015)

As an increasing number of users began to access the internet on mobile devices, Google decided to start prioritizing websites with a user-friendly and responsive mobile display.

Possum (2016)

Google now provides users with more relevant search results based on the phrasing of their particular search query. This update also increases the importance of displaying an accurate address on your website.

We understand that roofing contractors don’t have the time or resources to track Google algorithm changes. That’s why we provide Google algorithm services for roofing companies. While you are busy performing roof replacement and roof restoration, we will be marketing your services to a massive online audience.

Why Roofing Contractors Need Google

Google Penalty
Ignoring Google algorithm updates can ruin your SEO

Roofer Google algorithm services provide companies with a decided advantage over their competition. Roofing contractors need Google because it is the main source of potential customer growth on the internet. The majority of potential customers looking for roofing services, or a specific roofing service in your area, will be using Google as their avenue.

It is important that you remain in good standing with Google. If your website has already been penalized, we have the resources to help your website recover. Google continues to evolve, and Roofing Webmasters is your best source to keep up with that evolution. A busy roofer cannot be concerned with Google algorithm changes. Invest in your company and create a larger client base. For roofer Google algorithm services, call us now at (800) 353-5758