Roofer Domain Authority

Editors Audit Roofing Website Metrics
MOZ’s DA Metric is Based on Several Different Factors

If you’ve optimized your on page content and still aren’t ranking well enough on Google search results, your roofing website may lack something called domain authority (DA). Domain authority is a search ranking metric developed by MOZ which predicts how well a particular website will rank on Google. Although no metric can predict ranking with 100% accuracy, domain authority is highly regarded for its relative precision and insightfulness. DA considers several factors when calculating a final score. They include:

  • Linking Root Domains
  • Total Links
  • MozRank (Subjective)
  • MozTrust (Subjective)

The DA of any website can be viewed using MOZ’s free chrome extension; MozBar, or through various other SEO tools. The score is graded out of 100, and uses an algorithmic scale that aggregates the factors listed above, as well as additional unknown considerations, into a single numerical value. MOZ states that low scoring websites can more easily improve their ranking from poor to mediocre than high ranking websites can improve theirs from good to great. The higher the score, the more difficult it is to raise it. Call (800) 353-5758 for domain authority for roofers.

Influencing Domain Authority For Roofers

Design Team Works To Improve DA
Following Standard SEO Protocol Gradually Builds DA

So your on-page content is well optimized, but your domain authority is lower than competitors. The result is competitor websites with worse on-page content are outranking you on Google search engine results pages (SERPs). Unfortunately, there’s no singular action one can take to improve domain authority, but there are several tasks that, when combined, can accumulate to impact DA. Roofing companies looking to improve their website’s domain authority should focus on:

  • Consistency: Earning DA is like chipping away at a mountain, you must be vigilant and consistent
  • Great Content: Write blog posts, design infographics, make content worth linking to
  • Quality Links: The single greatest influence of DA is inbound link quality
  • SEO: Yes, your on-page content is already optimized, but find ways to keep improving it

Those may not be the quick-fix solutions you were hoping for, but in regards to domain authority, it is very much so a long-term process. It’s for this reason that investing in internet marketing services for roofers can put your website in its best position to succeed. Running a full time roofing company leaves little time to perform the tasks that will ultimately impact DA. Regular blog posts, high quality content pages, and detailed optimization techniques, work together to move the needle incrementally. Roofing Webmasters can perform these tasks on your behalf while you work on running the business operation

What is Considered a Good DA For Roofers?

Director Reviews Roofer Domain AuthorityThe most influential websites rank towards the top of the 100 point scale, with powerhouses like Google and Wikipedia cracking the perfect triple digit number. For roofing websites, a quality score is dependent on the level of competition in your market. Websites in the service industry generally rank anywhere from 10 to 40 on the DA scale, and a lower ranking does not necessarily preclude the site from ranking well. If competing websites have similar or worse DA’s combined with less on-page optimization, the slightly lower DA site can easily secure a higher SERP position.

Marketers will always be developing metrics to predict search rankings, and those metrics will evolve along with Google. The best course of actions for roofers in 2018 is to invest in reliable online marketing services so that consistent actions are being taken on your behalf. Following standard SEO protocol is not a magic button, but instead a detailed and often boring group of tasks that most businesses don’t have the time to perform on their own. If you’re looking to increase your DA and rank higher on Google, call Roofing Webmasters at (800) 353-5758.