Roofer Crawling and Indexing Optimization

Designer Edits Roofing Website for Google Crawling
Search Engines use Bots to Crawl Your New Website

The internet is gigantic and keeping track of all the websites on it is a monumental task. Roofing companies hoping to improve their SEO in 2018 should familiarize themselves with the process in which Google interprets new pages and content. This process is known as crawling and indexing. Before Google can market your new website, page, or content to its users, it must first crawl the page and then index it on search results.

How Does Google Crawl My Page?

Google uses a tracking robot known as spider crawler to navigate through your website via links. Website managers can dictate which pages are crawled by editing their robots.txt file. This serves as a map of sorts for the crawler bots and tells them when to stop crawling your website.

How Does Google Index My Page?

Any link you find on Google search engine results pages (SERPs) is an indexed page. After Google crawls your website , it will index the page according to the information it interprets. This information is present within on-page content as well as meta, title, and header tags.

How to Influence Crawling and Indexing

Writers Optimize Roofing Website for Indexing
Certain Practices Can Influence Crawling and Indexing

So what role can we play in the crawling and indexing process? There are several steps we can take to optimize our web pages for crawling and indexing with the goal of ranking for relevant keywords on Google SERPs and attracting prospective customers via search engines like Google. These steps include:

  • Canonicalization: Condense your URL’s to create the best page of content for each roofing service or topic
  • Duplicate Content Check: Eliminate duplicate content by utilizing canonicalization along with 301 redirection
  • Link Building: Create quality links, both internal and backlinks, to simplify crawling and enhance indexing
  • XML Sitemaps: Create an XML sitemap which informs Google whenever your website is updated, and thus when to crawl it

Following the above steps gives your roofing company website the best chance to rank for relevant keywords in 2018. Google is a pathway to the consumer. The more easily Google can crawl your website, the better it can interpret your information and the more appropriately it can market it to its users.

Why Choose Roofing Webmasters?

Team Member Optimizes Roofer WebsiteThere are many options available for internet marketing. While most marketing companies are more general, Roofing Webmasters focuses directly on roofing contractor marketing. We have years of experience working with local contractors in the roofing industry to provide the ultimate marketing solution. The services we provide are not a one time activity, they are continual throughout the lifespan of our partnership.

Our team of SEO experts and web designers can handle all of your internet marketing needs. Not only will we optimize your website for crawling and indexing, but we will implement SEO so that you rank for relevant keywords in the roofing industry. The goal is to generate roofing leads and grow your company in 2018. For roofer crawling and indexing optimization, call us at (800) 353-5758.