Roofer Secondary Keywords


Editor Looks Over Secondary Keywords
Content Marketing Involves Diversification Of Keywords

Generally speaking, pages should be limited to one general topic. Not only is this best SEO protocol, but it keeps information organized for your readers, who in your case, are potential roofing clients. Most contractors understand the concept of a primary keyword, which directly represents your page’s primary topic. And although trying to rank for multiple other keywords is a mistake, choosing a secondary keyword can actually enhance your page’s overall search visibility. As part of our content marketing services, Roofing Webmasters utilizes secondary keywords. Advantages to using secondary terms includes:

  • Internal Link Opportunities: Creates additional internal link opportunities
  • Redundancy Avoidance: Using the same word over and over bores the reader
  • User Reach: Switching up terms and phrases casts a wider net on search engine users

Google has made it clear that it values websites with quality content. Per their Quality Guidelines, “quality” is defined as engaging, unique, and valuable. Using synonyms helps the flow of your page, promoting engagement, while a diverse vocabulary certainly presents uniqueness. Roofing Webmasters offers content marketing as part of our SEO services. We believe that ranking prominently for relevant keywords requires adherence to Google standards, and general common sense regarding a user’s reading experience. To implement secondary keywords on your roofing website, give us a call today at (800) 353-5758.

Synonyms As Secondary Keywords For Roofers

Meeting To Discuss Roofing Keyword Research
High Quality Secondary Terms Are Keyword Synonyms

Keeping the page about one topic is important, and that’s why secondary keywords should be synonyms, rather than completely unrelated terms or phrases. The concept of the secondary keyword is to find a new way to say the same thing. If one of your service pages covers “TPO roof coatings” for example, the primary keyword might be “TPO roofing” while the secondary keyword might be “TPO Roof Restoration.” Using these keywords allows you to diversify your content’s vocabulary while staying on topic in regards to the overall page. Keyword synonyms should be:

  • Contextual: Able to be placed within content naturally, without being forced in
  • Popular: Using keyword research tools like SEMRush, the synonym should have a registered search volume
  • Relevant: Relate directly with the primary keyword

Although the enhancement of user experience is not limited to on page content, and also includes things like website design and navigation, it is nonetheless a crucial aspect of your page’s intrigue. Google has improved its ability to provide relevant results for search queries, and if a user finds your page through the search engine, they are more likely than not to have some level of interest in your services. With that knowledge, the conversion process starts the moment they enter your site. Keeping readers engaged with quality content helps encourage completion of the call to action, and subsequently the converted sale. Roofing Webmasters looks forward to helping you start the process today.

How To Research Secondary Keywords

Content Team Places Synonyms Throughout ContentWe mentioned SEMRush as a keyword research tool to measure search volume. The platform also provides a feature known as “related keywords” which provides a list of high volume terms and phrases that relate to the primary keyword. This list can be sorted by relevance, volume, and KD, which is an indicator of how difficult it would be to rank for that particular term. Although SEMRush is the best tool on the market, other options exist including Google Keyword Planner (free with an AdWords account) and MOZ Keyword Explorer.

Roofing Webmasters offers keyword research as part of our content marketing services. If you don’t have the time or resources to track and analyze keyword opportunities, we can do so on your behalf. We even take it a step further with SEO, website design, and social media management. For those of you interested in immediate results, we have a Google certified PPC expert on staff ready to handle your Google AdWords campaign management. To get started with secondary keywords for your roofing website, give us a call today at (800) 353-5758.