Roofer Image Optimization

Image Optimization Strategy
We Optimize Photos For Your Roofing Website

When web developers reference content, they are talking about more than text. Images are a vital part of every web page, and can make or break a website’s search engine optimization. Too often however, roofing company websites neglect to optimize their images, either because of lack of knowledge, or just plain laziness. The result is a costly one, with competitors jumping up in rankings, all because of something that could be easily changed. At Roofing Webmasters, we optimize images on all of our client websites. The following aspects of images should be optimized:

  • Alt Text: An images alt tag should be completed and accurate
  • Compression: An image file should be compressed for web use, and encourage fast loading
  • File Name: Every image file should be renamed using lowercase letters and dashes (i.e. damaged-roof.jpg)
  • File Type: Only certain file types are good for web use, namely JPEG and PNG

It might seem like something that can’t have a great impact on search results, but it does. Images should be part of your overall page structure and enhance the user experience in every way possible. With that in mind, relevance plays a key factor in image optimization. For example, your service page about roof repair could display a damaged roof to give readers a reference point for the corresponding text. Following the steps above will ensure the photo is best suited for web use and can explain to search engine and its users, what the photo is displaying. CallĀ (800) 353-5758 for roofer image optimization services.

Adding Image Captions

Writers Add Caption
Captions Help Readers Conceptualize Images

One part of photo optimization that often goes unnoticed is captioning. Small text underneath an image can give the reader more insight into what the photo is about and how it relates to the on-page text. This is particularly useful for service pages that appeal to a more narrow audience. A page for TPO roof coatings, for example, would be a candidate for an image and a detailed caption explaining what takes place within the photo. At Roofing Webmasters, we incorporate captions into all our clients websites. A good caption is:

  • Concise: Short and to the point
  • Informative: Descriptive and explanatory
  • Relevant: Poignant and sensible
  • Topical: Pertinent and applicable

It’s only a sentence or two, but a caption can add value to an image. For consumers unfamiliar with certain aspects of roofing, guiding them through the contents of a photo can add to their understanding of the page at large. This encourages users to stick around longer, which in turn, decreases bounce rates, and improves search rankings. We employ content writers on staff to optimize each of your photos with informative and relevant captions. You will never lose out to competitors on the details when working with our team.

Finding Images for Your Roofing Website

Director Points To Image On WebsiteThe best images are ones that come straight from your company. In other words, photos of your trucks, your employees, your repairs, etc., are the best images for SEO. These are original so they have a better chance of engaging users and therefore a better change of appealing to search engines. Still, roofers often don’t have enough images to fill up a website, in which case Roofing Webmasters must add stock photos from websites in which we subscribe to. These photos will be completely optimized, and help establish the content on your page, as well as guide the reader through it.

Another great image file for SEO purposes, is your logo file. If you don’t have a company logo, or require a redesign of one, we can help you with our logo design services. We also optimize your logo for web use by creating a PNG file with the proper file name and optimization methods. These logos will appear, not only on your website, but on other areas where your company is displayed on the web, including social media and business directories. For roofer image optimization call us today at (800) 353-5758.