Roofer On-page SEO

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On-Page Optimization Impacts Rank Position

On-page SEO plays a major role in where your roofing website ranks on Google search engine results pages (SERPs). But what is it? On-page SEO refers to optimization techniques that occur on your primary website. It excludes optimization that takes place on external channels, including; social media, business directories, and review platforms. Instead, on-page optimization focuses directly on your roofing company website and its page content. Aspects of on-page optimization include:

  • Image Alt Text
  • Keywords
  • Title / Header Tags
  • URL’s

Quality content is crafted for the user and can be linked to from other sources. The best way to earn backlinks, which heavily influence search ranking, is to implement good on-page content. Roofing Webmasters employs a content marketing team to produce unique content for your website. But our work doesn’t stop there. Our expertise is in search engine optimization, so we ensure that each and every page element is optimized for search. To learn more about on-page SEO for roofers, call us at (800) 353-5758.

SEO Page Analysis for Roofers

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Web Content Should Follow Quality Guidelines

For roofing contractors, the main pages of your website serves as the foundation of your internet marketing strategy. The homepage, and main service pages, almost always attract the most visitors via search engine. For this reason, on-page content should be topical, specific, and fit within the context of your website structure. At Roofing Webmasters, we will perform SEO page analysis for your current website, and determine areas that require improvement moving forward. We look at:

  • Content Quality: The value and readability of your on-page content
  • Keyword Placement: How keywords are being used within your content
  • Structured Data: The presence of schema markup within page HTML
  • User Interface: How engaging your pages are to users

Page content should follow Google Quality Guidelines and refrain from black-hat SEO tactics intended to manipulate search engines and / or their users. An optimal webpage implements keywords seamlessly into the title, headers, and meta description, as well as within the body content and image alt text. In contrast to keyword stuffing, in which terms and phrases are forced into content and hinder user experience, on-page SEO encourages the natural placement of keywords.

URL Structure for On-Page Optimization

Content Team Performs Roofer On-Page SEOOne element to on-page optimization you should not underestimate is URL structure. Site structure should be hierarchical and URL’s should be concise, and easily readable, both by search engines and their users. For roofing companies, residential roofing would be considered a top level category, with shingle roof installation a subcategory. In this case, the example URL would read: As you can see, the URL is as concise as possible while existing in a conceptual hierarchy.

So why do URL’s impact SEO? Multiple reasons. First, when search engines crawl and index your website, they are interpreting information from those URL’s and using it to position your website on SERPs. Second, users are more likely to share links that are concise and instructive, via social media, email, or other communication channels. Research continues to indicate that shorter URL’s perform better on search engines, as long as they are relevant and correlate with the page’s content.  If you are looking for roofer on-page SEO call (800) 353-5758.