Brand Development for Roofers (2022)

Roofers work with homeowners all the time, and homeowners won’t invite just anyone to work on their home. The strongest roofing brands have a story and an identity. But the reality is that none of that matters without Google ranking. That’s why there are really 2 aspects to brand development for roofers. The first and most important is your Google brand, which we will discuss in depth. The second is traditional branding which helps with conversions and repeat customers. Ideally, your company will have both.

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Google Branding for Roofers

When someone searches your company’s name on Google, the resulting page should be filled with everything about your company. The right-hand side should show your knowledge graph which will be a snippet of your Google My Business listing. The Maps feature should show your address, and the organic results should show everything from your primary website to all of your social media business pages. If you lack any of these SERP features, you are not completely branded on Google and are potentially losing out to competitors who have greater search visibility.

Branded Searches

As a roofing company, the best way to ascend to the top of Google is to have many people searching for your brand name organically. This proves to Google that they know of you without having to find you through a search like “roofer near me.” It used to be that the top results would be whoever was best optimized for roofing keywords, but today, Google favors recognizable brands who have proven their worth outside the online stratosphere. Part of that is generating great reviews online, specifically on Google My Business.

Google My Business Optimization

Your GMB listing is the foundation or central hub of your online brand. You must have a fully optimized GMB listing to compete for the top spots on Google. Rest assured that competitors with more reviews and a better-optimized listing will outperform you in several areas. Optimizing your listing involves uploading fresh pictures of your truck and employees along with updating your business hours and frequently asked questions. Make sure your name, address, and phone number are identical to what is listed on your website.

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Traditional Branding for Roofers

Getting visitors to your website and listings is the first step, but converting them is easier when your company has a narrative and identity. Sometimes the need for these high concept branding principles is overblown, but there is something to the appeal of personalization. That’s why roofing websites with original photos of their employees, transportation, and equipment, tend to receive more favorable reviews than those with cheap stock photos. Much of it comes down to one simple factor, which is trust.

Roofing Company Logos

Your roofing company logo is the visual representation of your brand. Strong logos are both simple and memorable, a balance that takes a level of expertise to master. Roofing Webmasters offers 3 revisions of your existing logo so that it can be enhanced to meet modern standards and help convert customers at a higher rate. Your roofing logo should coincide with the color scheme of your website so that everything looks in unison to visitors.

Roofing Company Slogans

The need for a slogan is overrated. Only national companies that garner disproportionate attention should spend too much time worrying about a slogan. The best slogans are short and simple and not over the top. The reality is that consumers are far more interested in trust than slogans. Focusing on the personalization of your website and the publication of your brand online is what will separate you from competitors in your local market.

Brand Development Strategy

Knowledge of favorable brand characteristics is important, but the ability to establish them through marketing techniques is what will determine the success, or lack thereof, of your brand. So where should roofing contractors start when developing a brand strategy? Before moving on to anything else, the following objectives should be completed:

  • Company Assessment: The determination of your company’s strengths and weaknesses
  • Logo Design: The establishment of a universal company logo
  • Market Research: The accumulation and analysis of market data
  • Mission Statement: The creation of a company creed

Upon completion of a branding strategy, the execution phase can begin. Logos should be compressed into a usable web format such as. PNG, which encourages fast loading times. Once your logo is optimized for web use, you’ll want it uploaded on your website, social media profiles, internet directory listings, and anywhere else your brand is represented online. You should also consider writing new web content to match your brand identity.

Combining Brand With Business For Roofing Companies

You have a brand, and you have a business, but how do these two entities work together to benefit your roofing company? For starters, your brand should accurately represent your business. The day-to-day activities of your roofing contractors should match the presentation of your company’s ideals. Doing good work at fair prices is the hard part, but it will serve as the foundation for brand development. Roofing Webmasters is ready and willing to increase your brand awareness today.

Our team of SEO experts handles every component of your internet marketing campaign. Not only will we develop your brand, but we will subsequently market it through various online channels, including a custom website, social media platforms, and blogging. As a roofer, your only concern should be doing great work. The team at Roofing Webmasters will handle all the rest for you. To learn more about search optimization in 2022, check out our SEO Guide for Roofers.

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