Mobile Content for Roofers (2020)

At Roofing Webmasters, we’ve been writing content for roofers for almost a decade. As mobile devices became more prevalent, the need for mobile-friendly content ascended. Effective mobile content engages mobile users who have increasingly short attention spans. Also, content for mobile should be condensed, concise, and visually appealing. The human brain prefers aesthetically pleasing graphics rather than bland text blocks. Writing for mobile users requires a unique understanding of their needs.

Roofing Mobile Content Graphic

By exploring our guide to roofing SEO, you can understand everything that goes into optimizing your website. Today’s websites are mobile by default. It’s not merely that a website must be mobile-friendly; it must be mobile-first. Statistics confirm that the majority of online searches originate via mobile devices. Site speed is another critical factor related directly to smartphones, tablets, and other mobile technology. Google has gone as far as supporting accelerated mobile pages (AMPs), ensuring the fastest possible loading speed.

The Aftermath of Mobilegeddon

It should be no surprise that mobile internet usage is ascending at a rapid pace. Marketing companies have warned us about “Mobilegeddon” for years, urging websites to create more mobile-friendly versions to account for the progressing trend. There were approximately 40.7 million mobile-only internet users in the U.S. in 2017. That number will rise to 52.3 million by 2021. Roofing websites must adapt, and producing mobile-friendly content is an essential step in the process. Mobile-friendly content is:

  • Attractive: Font style, size, and aesthetics matter when publishing mobile web content
  • Concise: The screen is smaller, which means the content must fit within its dimensions
  • Instructive: Encourage users to complete a call-to-action (i.e., clicking phone number button)
  • Top-Heavy: Important info should be on the top of pages since attention spans are shorter

None of the above is possible without mobile web design. Roofing Webmasters designs each of our clients’ websites using responsive design, allowing web elements, including content, to adjust to any device. While many design companies offer responsive design, we take our mobile initiative a step further. We design each site as mobile-first. In other words, responsive design adapts a mobile site to desktop, rather than the opposite.

Google’s Mobile Initiative

Google is the center of the SEO universe, and every online decision made accounts for the popular search engine. If there weren’t enough evidence that mobile internet usage has taken over, Google’s initiative to enhance mobile experience should end the discussion. Google has launched mobile tools like Test My Mobile Site and Impact Calculator while creating Accelerated Mobile Pages to facilitate faster and cleaner presentations. Google has focused on the following mobile qualities:

  • Micro-Moments: Know, Go, Do, and Buy moments
  • Navigation: Mobile pages should be easily navigable with a thumb and finger
  • Speed: Faster is better in the eyes of Google and its users
  • Viewport: Users should easily consume information within screen dimensions

Google’s latest contribution to the mobile initiative talks about winning on mobile and introduces the Speed Scorecard and the Impact Calculator, as mentioned above. Expect more tools from Google in the future, as the trends indicate mobile usage ascension will only continue to increase into 2021 and beyond. Roofing Webmasters can help you stay ahead of the curve by managing every aspect of your online presence and ensuring mobile-friendly content development and management.

Why Choose Roofing Webmasters?

Various options exist for content marketing services, but how many of them specialize in the roofing industry? Roofing Webmasters knows your target audience better than most and has years of data to support your campaign. Best yet, we stay in front of the trends, continually evaluating Google algorithm changes and finding innovative ways to market your services online. If you plan to compete with and exceed the competition in 2021, Roofing Webmasters is your best bet.

Our services extend beyond mobile content marketing. We also offer mobile website design, social media advertising, as well as local SEO. We believe that a complete online presence is the ultimate marketing solution for roofers. When these concepts work collaboratively, they have a more significant impact than they would individually. Our services are month-to-month agreements so that you avoid long-term contracts. We are so confident in our services that we offer you the option to leave after every month.