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Content Duplication is NOT a Google Penalty

Duplicate content is not a penalty, despite what you may have heard. However, content duplication can be a hindrance to page ranking, albeit indirectly. Pages with identical content often compete against one another for the same raking position. If you are the owner of both pages, you are competing against yourself. If you are not, you have either scraped content from another source, or a 3rd party has done so to you. Problems that can arise from content duplication include:

  • Plagiarism: If you scrape and duplicate content without permission, it is subject to removal under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act
  • Self Competition: If you construct duplicate pages, perhaps on separate websites, you are asking Google to choose just one, and therefore render the other one useless
  • User Experience: Presenting scraped content goes against Google’s quality standards because it is not unique and users have likely already read it somewhere else

The problems above can influence metrics that do, in fact, contribute to page rankings. For example, competing against yourself with duplicate pages, ends up bumping one or both of the pages down further on results. Similarly, a poor user experience increases bounce rates which instruct Google to lower your page ranking. Roofing Webmasters can prevent these issues from arising in the first place. Call (800) 353-5758 for roofer duplicate content check.

What Causes Duplicate Content on Roofing Websites?

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Site Migration Can Lead To Content Issues

When content duplication is written about, it is often to perpetuate the myth that it causes a Google penalty. What is less talked about, is what causes duplicate content in the first place. Whether you realize it or not, most cases of duplication are unintentional, and non-deceptive in nature. At Roofing Webmasters we can help you find the root cause of your issues, and correct them at their source. Common causes of duplicate content are:

  • Pagination: Improperly segmented web pages and links can cause search crawlers to interpret duplicated content
  • URL Alteration: If improperly optimized, WWW versions of your website are actually interpreted as completely separate pages from your non-WWW pages, and thus present identical content
  • Website Migration: When roofing contractors start a new website, they often take content from their old website and place it on their new one — when failing to use a 301 redirect from the old site, to the new site, you are actually duplicating content for search engines

Aside from outright copy/pasting, causes are generally accidental and non-deceptive in nature. For this reason, many websites are unaware that they have content issues in the first place. Roofing Webmasters will perform a full website audit, and use our software to check for any identical content on the web that matches your own. At that point, we will take the necessary steps to correct the issue. We look forward to helping you get started today.

Fixing Duplicate Content Issues For Roofing Companies

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If it is determined that duplicated content exists on your website, there are several ways to correct the problem. In many cases, professional web designers can fix the problem quickly. In other cases, the process can take longer, as it may span across multiple domains and URLs. Regardless of which, Roofing Webmasters can remedy the problem with our team of expert web designers. Solutions include;

  • 301 Redirection: Users who land on a URL containing identical content will be re-routed to the more optimal page
  • Canonicalization: The use of tags within website code to signal the “master-copy” of certain web pages
  • URL Parameters: Indicating to search engines which of your URLs to prioritize

Roofing Webmasters is an all-inclusive internet marketing service. Not only will we trace the source of your identical content and promptly correct it, but we will continue to monitor your web content moving forward to prevent such occurrences from manifesting once again.  If you have questions about your content, are looking for a website audit, or have any other internet marketing needs, give Roofing Webmasters a call today at (800) 353-5758.