Duplicate Content Check for Roofers (2021)

Duplicate content is one of the most misunderstood “issues” that can occur on a roofing website. Like paranoia, the fear of duplicate content penalties once spread through online communities at an alarming rate. The truth is that duplicate content is not a Google penalty. However, content duplication can cause issues for your website and rankings. At Roofing Webmasters, we provide a free duplicate content check for all clients. 

The Impact of Duplicate Content in 2021

Duplicate content impacts optimization and conversion for roofing contractor websites. Let’s take a look at exactly how it does:


Google doesn’t know which page to rank because two or more are either identical or appreciably similar. They are unsure if they should index multiple pages for the same topic or how to differentiate them. Since Google seeks the best user experience, they choose the “best” version. It might not be the version that you want to be indexed, which can cause problems. Inefficient indexing can ruin your link equity since singularly relevant links are spread through multiple pages when they should be pointing to one high priority page.


Roofing consumers prefer simple search results. Instead of having to sift through 20 pages about the same topic, they’d instead choose one and make contact via phone or email. Each roofing service like asphalt shingle repair and hail roof damage repair should have its page, but only once for each topic. Fewer pages maximize your crawl budget and make it easy for Google to connect relevant users with the services they seek. You’ll find that appropriate traffic converts at a higher rate, and your entire online marketing campaign grows more efficiently.

Editor Reviews Page for Duplicate Content

What Causes Duplicate Content?

When SEO experts mention content duplication, it is often to perpetuate the myth that it causes a manual penalty. The conversation surrounding duplicate content should focus on what causes the problem itself. Most content duplication is unintentional and non-deceptive. After all, it doesn’t help websites rank and therefore is not something that can manipulate search engines. At Roofing Webmasters, we identify the root cause of duplication and correct it at its source. Common causes include:

  • Pagination: Improperly segmented web pages and links can cause search crawlers to interpret duplicated content
  • URLs: Improperly optimized, WWW versions of your website are interpreted as completely separate pages from your non-WWW pages and thus present identical content
  • Website Migration: When roofing contractors start a new website, they often take content from their old website and place it on their new one — when failing to use a 301 redirect from the existing site to the new site, you are duplicating content for search engines

There are some cases where websites outright copy and paste material from a 3rd party source, but those instances are both rare and ineffective. In other words, the perpetrators gain zero benefits from their actions. They are likely to hinder the websites’ rankings rather than boost them. Most cases are unintentional, and website owners are often unaware of the issue. Roofing Webmasters performs a full website audit to scan for identical content from your website and across the web. After identifying problems, we address them at their source.

Correcting Duplicate Content Issues

Once duplicates are identified, we take several measures to correct the problem. Professional web designers can often fix the problem quickly. In other cases, the process takes longer. At Roofing Webmasters, we can efficiently clean up your content with on-staff writers who craft original and unique content to replace any duplicates. Some tactics used to cleanup content duplication include:

  • 301 Redirection: Users who land on a URL containing identical content will be re-routed to the more optimal page
  • Canonicalization: The use of tags within website code to signal the “master-copy” of individual web pages
  • URL Parameters: Indicating to search engines which of your URLs to prioritize

Roofing Webmasters is a full-service digital marketing agency. Yes, we check for duplicate content on websites, but we also do so much more. All content fits into a broader search engine optimization strategy to increase lead generation for your roofing company. With over 150 clients already using our agency, we have proven ourselves the top SEO service for roofing companies throughout the United States. We look forward to helping you enjoy similar success in 2021.