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Facebook Management for Roofing Companies (2022 Update)

More than 214 million people in the U.S. use Facebook. With such a high following, if your roofing business isn’t utilizing the Facebook platform, you’re missing out on many potential customers that you could be taking to the bank. The Roofing Webmasters team can provide productive Facebook business page management for your roofing business that gets actual results that you can track. 

Facebook is not what it was 5 years ago. Initially, roofing companies could create a Facebook Business Page and generate 15-20% organic reach with traditional marketing techniques. However, those numbers are a pipe dream in today’s Facebook marketing landscape. And it may be getting worse.

Facebook officially announced a change to its algorithm in 2018. According to experts, many components were changed during this update, including the following key points:

  • Cutting Back Branding: Facebook had started to become more about brands than friends and family, a trend this algorithm hopes to reverse at the expense of organic business pages.
  • User Manipulation: In recent years, Facebook has been a prime spot for brands to manipulate users with misleading headlines and other unethical tactics, which are now penalized.
  • Ad Oversaturation: Facebook has become oversaturated with clickbait, diverting users’ attention from the original concept of social networking. New changes hope to encourage natural, organic contact.
  • Better Quality: Facebook recognized that time spent on their social network started becoming mindless and bad for society, something that Facebook hopes to change with this new update.

For roofing companies and other businesses, this could mean multiple changes. Facebook isn’t trying to hide the fact that branded content will be less visible than ever before, creating a drop in organic reach. As a result, organic efforts must be even better, and PPC campaigns must be superior to your company’s competition.

Your Part in Facebook Marketing for Roofers

Now is not the time to quit posting to your roofing Facebook account. Although algorithms have changed the landscape of the Facebook platform, businesses still have a great reach that can increase business awareness, website traffic, and conversions. However, quality content is more important than ever, and many ads and posts are never shown due to poor content quality.

So what does meaningful content look like?

  • Communal Voice: Try to get the community engaged with your content
  • Informative Posting: Make sure content is well-written and serves a purpose
  • Live Usage: The ascendance of Facebook Live encourages organic reach
  • Relevancy: Only create posts that are relevant to your industry

Your Facebook business page should have a professional presentation. Much like your website, your business page is a representation of your roofing company. That means optimizing your cover image to have the correct dimensions for display. It also means having a consistent logo throughout your page for branding purposes.

The cleaner your Facebook business page looks, the more people will trust your company. Live videos and high-quality images usually generate the most interest on Facebook. However, these media formats must be optimized correctly in order to be distributed. These formatting requirements are imperative in presenting a high-quality, valuable post.

Facebook PPC for Roofing Contractors

This is where our seasoned team at Roofing Webmasters comes into play. Although organic Facebook marketing is crucial for businesses today to connect with their clients, PPC advertising options through the Facebook platform can also be helpful.

With the most diverse PPC campaign available after Google, Facebook offers many choices for audience focus, message delivery style, location, budget, and more. The platform also has accurate, practical analytics tools to help you identify your advertising efforts’ high points and areas of weakness for continuous improvement and expanded reach.

No matter your budget, Facebook PPC advertising can dramatically increase awareness and following of your roofing business. Our ad management team carefully works within your marketing goals to generate compelling ad content. That’s the type of ad that turns interested consumers into actual clients!

We understand that roofing contractors don’t have the time or resources to manage all their social media ad accounts. Still, it is critical to your online presence that you are available on popular social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

If you understand that your presence on social media promotes customer growth and increased sales, you’ll begin to understand why it’s a necessary component of internet marketing.