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Roofing Company Business Cards: 6 Reasons to Print Them

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Roofing company business cards are a fundamental but sometimes overlooked component of your marketing strategy. Most companies delve into SEO, email marketing, and traditional advertising but sometimes forget about one of their company’s main promotional pillars.

Notecards, Pencil & Calculator Ready For Roofing Company Brand Development

What Roofers Need to Know:

  • Business Cards Remain Valuable in 2023
  • All Employees Should Carry Business Cards
  • Invest in High-Quality Business Cards for Conversions

If you have experience starting your own roofing company, you know how crowded the industry is and how difficult it can be to get the attention of prospective customers. After all, so many different roofing companies are all vying for a limited number of customers.

It is imperative to cover all bases and get in front of consumers. Every way matters and every set of eyes that sees your product may turn into sales that will affect your bottom line.

You might not have realized that one tactic has been considered outdated, but that definitely can impact your business: printing roofing business cards. It is somewhat of a misconception that the business card is dead, but it is not.

Believe it or not, business cards remain valuable for connecting personally with customers, clients, and prospects. The fact of the matter is that there is no substitute for face-to-face interaction, and that is what using a business card represents: a face-to-face interaction for your company.

There are several reasons that you, as a roofing company, still need to implement business cards in your attempt to connect with customers. In this post, Roofing Webmasters presents some different reasons you need to add business cards to your repertoire.

1) Cover the Margins

While a whopping 77% of Americans now own a smartphone, some (particularly the older generations) do not own a smartphone. Instead, they prefer a more simplistic way to get information and communicate with others.

The other 23% of Americans represent the margins that your competitors may ignore, and that you can target. Having business cards available and in hand to hand out to those prospective customers will help to close that potential communication gap. In addition, it will put your business in the consciousness (and hand) of those prospective customers.

Even with smartphone users, having business cards for prospective customers is hugely beneficial. It gives those customers something to think about, and if they are interested in your business, they can implement your contact info into their phones for future reference.

2) Increase Legitimacy

Do you know what business cards can bring to your business? A sense of professionalism and legitimacy. One of the preeminent things about appealing to a customer is a sense of trust and professionalism. If you can achieve those two things, you have a leg up on the competition.

To verify the legitimacy of your business, prospective clients will be looking for a few different things:

  • Business description
  • Services offered
  • Business locations and service area
  • Contact information

Introducing your business to prospective customers through business cards can boost the legitimacy of your business immediately and let anyone who sees them know that you are ready for business and that you are serious about how your company presents. Not only that, it builds awareness for your brand and business as well.

3) Humanize Your Company

One of the downfalls of the digital age is that it can make most connections feel very impersonal and robotic. After all, there is a screen between you and the other person, making it as impersonal as it gets. Sure, you can exchange information and converse far faster and easier than ever, but there is no way to participate in a trust-building conversation with another person.

Digital communication lacks many essential elements of communication: interest, small talk, eye contact, authenticity, and the handshake element. Those things might seem small and unimportant, but they make a huge difference in a new interaction when added together.

When you hand out business cards, this is a great way to develop those human connections that can make a business relationship come together. It allows you to converse with potentially interested parties and let them see you instead of the brand you are developing.

So many companies have thrived thanks to those personal interactions, and they are certainly easier to create when you can flash a business card in front of those prospective customers.

Roofing Business Card
Roofing Business Card Back

4) Expand Your Network

As a business owner, you are probably already aware of how important it is to develop business relationships with professional contacts. Several avenues help achieve networking goals: face-to-face interactions and conversations, emails, phone calls, social media communities, and many other things.

What you might not know, however, is that 85% of respondents to a recent survey preferred face-to-face meetings, citing stronger and more meaningful relationships. When creating a high-quality professional network, those types of interactions can be hugely beneficial. Not only that, but they are also an ideal setting for conversations with like-minded professionals that share similar skill sets, interests, and goals.

If you attend one of these in-person business networking vents, you must have your business cards. They make it far easier for those interested in following up on one of the conversations you have, and their business cards will give you the information you need to follow up with them potentially.

5) Establish Your Brand

Your business cards are a visual representation of your business’s overall identity. And while that is great, it can still leave your business without a physical face representing it. So handing out business cards comes in handy by putting a physical face to your brand and business.

Handouts allow your contacts to face a business and feel a more personal connection to your business. When you design your business cards effectively, they can represent your brand’s personality, message, and overall values. Delivery can have a very positive influence on how recipients of your cards view your business.

These emotion-invoking elements of your business card can make your roofing brand recognizable. Additionally, appealing cards can turn those interested prospects into the paying customers your business needs to survive and thrive.

6) Showcase Your Creativity

Awareness is a significant factor when it comes to business growth. People who recognize your brand are more likely to pay for services or products. It is part of the essential trust factor between a potential customer and a business.

Getting your business’s attention can be a bit of a challenge. Still, creativity in marketing can help expose your brand to that targeted audience and market and make your brand more recognizable to potential customers.

Distributing a creative business card is a great way to capture prospective customers’ attention and potential business contacts. An innovative and exciting business card can impress people and increase their chances of sharing that business card with others.

Promoting sharable cards is suitable for two obvious reasons: it increases your brand’s awareness and the chance of the referrals your business needs to continue growing and thriving.

Final Thoughts on Roofing Business Cards

Roofing business cards might seem like an outdated form of marketing, but they still hold an important place in the business world for all of the reasons outlined above. Growing your brand and developing relationships, both in the business and personally, is a considerable challenge that requires attention to detail.

Business cards personalize your business and enhance your brand. In addition, cards establish credibility, personality, and viability that serve your company’s bottom line. Building inroads is vital and can mean the difference between a prospective customer and a lost contact.

Make sure that you take the time to create an informative, exciting business card that will grab the attention of anyone. You want people to remember your business, and having an attention-grabbing business card is the best way to achieve your goals.

While there are undoubtedly several roofing marketing ideas to explore, business cards remain an integral part of a roofing marketing strategy. Use them to create and develop those in-person relationships with prospective customers and fellow business owners while growing your business. Take any avenue to make this happen, and prospective clients will notice your business like never before.

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