Organic SEO vs. PPC Marketing – Which is Better?

We meet and talk with many roofers around the nation, and one of the most common responses we get is “I don’t need SEO, I’m already showing up at the top of the page on PPC.”

Why pay a company to work on organic optimization when you’re already spending on PPC and is getting results? A decade ago, when we were running a service business, we started PPC’ing our website. Know how much we were paying per click? A dollar. And that was in one of the biggest metroplexes in the nation.

Unfortunately, that didn’t last long; quickly, more and more competitors started PPC’ing and drove the cost per click up. Soon it was $5, then $8, then $10, and then over $15 a click. Our small business was having significant trouble keeping up with the cost of our marketing. That’s what lead us to learn how to SEO our site.

Our enlightenment took place years ago, and if you’re a roofer in a large area with any competition, then $15 a click nowadays is cheap. Some roofers are paying upwards of $30-$35 every time someone clicks that little ad. You’ll pay even more if there is a storm in your area and the storm chasers move in and up the competition level.

That’s where organic ranking starts to make a difference in your marketing budget. With most SEO companies, you pay a flat fee every month, no matter how many clicks come through. One hundred clicks through PPC can easily cost you $2000-$3000 in a month, and if you want more clicks, you have to pay more. But organic clicks get cheaper the more you earn. If your SEO company is doing their job correctly, then every month, good work translates to organic rankings that continue to move up in the searches. You are getting more and more clicks coming into your site and still paying the same monthly fee.

So if organic is so great, why do you still see people in top organic searches continuing paying for PPC? Because PPC is still a great marketing tool, just a more expensive one than compared to proper SEO work. It’s also about market share; there will always be those online searchers who click the first listings that show up, whether paid ads or organic searches. So by being in both spots, you can maximize your chances of getting that new client.

If you would like to get some free information about SEOing your site or think your current SEO company is not getting you the results, give us a call or email us. We specialize in optimizing roofing company websites all across the nation.