Is Mapping Really That Valuable?

Photo of MappingFor a business, visibility and marketing is everything.
With the emergence of social media and other outlets for consumers to find the services they seek, it is important more than ever to be visible online as well as locally. Long gone are the days of paper advertisements and word of mouth. Among many online services, there is one that is steadily being scrutinized by businesses; Local Mapping. It has become more popular to search for services using mapping apps, pointing the consumer to close by companies that meet their needs. How beneficial is this service?

The Benefits of Local Mapping

  • Control Of Your Image – When mapping your roofing company, you also populate everything, including contact numbers, addresses, and so on. This means that all of your information will consistently be up to date. You also manage your brand in this way, as reviews and imagery will be funneled through your mapped roofing profile.
  • Trust – When a customer searches and finds your roofing company using a mapping application, it builds their trust with your company. To customers, taking the time to ensure they know you are local and available means you are a real business and there for them. This also increases their engagement with your company, both online and in business.
  • SEO – For search engines, transparency is important. Local mapping allows you to connect all of your social media aspects, even your website, to the map. Much like the customers seeking up to date information, a search engine loves roofing companies with uniformity and thorough information.  Search engines, such as Google, rank these higher than others.
  • Visibility – The biggest benefit of local mapping is, or course, being seen. Whenever a customer types in your zip code, they see your company. All of your information is ready for them to see. This will draw people within your company’s service area.

This marketing tool is perfect for any roofing business looking to grab the attention of customers in their service area. With the days of paper ads gone and the mapping revolution here, there are just too many benefits to pass up. Interested in getting your roofing website started and having your business mapped? Call us today at (800) 353-5758!

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