Making Your Roofing Website Mobile

Making Your Roofing Website MobileDigital marketing is very much a trend-based industry. The trend most at the forefront of today’s market is mobile usability. In 2018, 79% of global internet usage is expected to occur on mobile devices. Advertisers have taken note, and begun to reallocate their resources to mobile advertising, rather than more traditional desktop promotion. Roofing websites who hope to increase their revenue stream in 2018 must join the mobile revolution ASAP, if they have not done so already. The presence of a mobile website is not enough — it must be highly functional and provide a superior user experience. Most of your leads will come from smartphones, so adapting your website to fit mobile dimensions is the ideal course of action. The below factors determine the quality of a mobile website:

Call To Action

One of the most profound changes in the shift from desktop to mobile is the call to action — both how it is consumed, and how it is delivered. In today’s mobile-first age, calls to action can lead to faster interactions than were previously plausible. Because mobile users are mostly accessing your website via smartphones, they can connect with your company by phone in a matter of seconds. With this in mind, mobile calls to action should be:

  • Clickable: Mobile calls to action should be as simple as clicking a button
  • Direct: Click to call functionality can take a smartphone user directly from your website to a phone call
  • Urgent: CTA’s should create a sense of urgency and encourage immediate engagement


The biggest distinction of a mobile website from its desktop counterpart is the navigation. While desktop users will be navigating websites via mouse pad, smartphone users will be navigating with their thumb or other fingers. Needless to say this is quite a difference, and one that must be accounted for in the design stage. When creating your mobile-first website, you’ll want navigation to have the following qualities:

  • Convenience: Users should be able to easily navigate your mobile site without exerting much effort
  • Expansion: Expanded menus make navigation simpler and more user-friendly
  • Functionality: User’s should be able to navigate your site using only their thumb


A mobile presentation will vary considerably from a traditional desktop display. Forget everything you once knew about web design. This is a new era of internet, and mobile presentations should be a major departure from the once dominant desktop layout. Today’s users prefer to consume information as cleanly and directly as possible. With this in mind, mobile website presentations should present the following qualities:

  • Aesthetics: Consider your layout from the eyes of your target audience
  • Interactivity: Include interactive elements like videos and responsive menus
  • Simplicity: Less is more in the world of mobile web design

Mobile Web Design From Roofing Webmasters

If your roofing website has not adapted to the mobile revolution, Roofing Webmasters can jump-start the process. Our web design team is well versed in mobile design and creates each website with a mobile-first philosophy. Our SEO experts create compelling calls to action and integrate them within the framework of your design, which will be unique from your competitors. Unlike many web design services, we don’t use stock templates. Our designers create a custom website, specifically for your roofing company.

If you’re worried about your mobile site translating to a desktop, you shouldn’t be. We utilize responsive web design so that your website will adjust to the device on which it is accessed. That means your market of smartphone, tablet, and desktop users will all be reached, with extra special attention paid to mobile users, since they are the overwhelming majority of your visitors. Roofing Webmasters is a company that knows your target audience well, as we’ve been marketing on behalf of roofing companies for years. Call (800) 353-5758 for mobile web design for roofers.

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