Is Web Design Dead? – An Interview With Jason Landry

With a host of fantastic (and cheap) template designs available on the market, it’s easier than ever before to hammer out a functional website in a very short time. In fact, it’s so easy that one starts to wonder why we even need professional web designers at all. Okay, let’s just spit it out!

Is web design dead?

If the hundreds of roofers on the backpages of Google Search are any indication, no. Web design hasn’t died…yet. There’s still an enormous gap between leading companies and floundering runner ups in local search. Carefully crafted websites are killing it in sales, while everyone else is wondering what they did wrong.

Today, let’s scrutinize the role of web design and it’s very real effect on month to month sales. Creative Director Jason Landry dives into what sets professional, optimized design apart from the cheap hacks. The difference is bigger than you might think!

Key Takeaways for Roofing Contractors

  • Don’t overcomplicate design! It boils down to information and presentation.
  • Prioritize functionality and familiarity over fancy visuals.
  • Visitors to your site should be able to locate their desired service(s) in under a minute.
  • Don’t believe anyone who says a single gimmick leads to top rank in search. Search-optimized web design takes work and careful planning across the board.

Creating a Winning Site

When we say “winning”, you’re not trying to win any awards for the most jaw-dropping visuals. You don’t even need to be the most original developer to produce a revenue driving website. A truly successful roofing website works to meet the needs of prospective clients.

Case in point: take a look at the highest ranked roofing company website in your city. Odds are, it looks remarkably familiar. Take a look at the next site in line. Then the next. You should start to see a pattern.

The truth is that most roofing websites look the same.

Granted, each website chooses different colors, logos, and wording. Beyond that, you’ll find immediate access to the company’s contact information, informative content about their services, and (hopefully) original photos of the owner’s family, office staff, and/or crew. Sure, they may through in a fancy contact form or funny slogan, but that’s just icing on the cake.

Tips for Higher Traffic and Better Click Rates

On the User Side

How Does Web Design Aid the User Experience?

Picture a chasm between prospective clients and your services. The shorter that gap, they more likely they’ll be to take the leap. Artsy-fartsy design often gets in the way of your prospects finding the solutions they need. Money-making website design shortens the distance and makes it ridiculously simple for people to find want they want.

That means basic nav menus, service schema lists, and a very visible office phone number on each page. After all, you don’t want people hunting for your phone number after they decide to try out your service. Last, but not least in the slightest, make sure your website font is easy to read.

On the SEO Side

How Does Web Design Help SEO?

You’ll find that many of the tips towards creating a pleasant user experience also pay dividends towards higher search rankings. Happy readers stay on your site for longer, visit more pages, and call your office. Google notices this activity and rewards your company with more attractive positioning.

If you want the strongest performance for your website however, service pages are the way to go. Categorize your services into a handful of topics. Build parent pages for each category, then create keyword-optimized pages for related service under them. Connect all of them with a simple navigation menu, breadcrumbs, and on-page links, and you’ve got the beginnings for a kick-butt site!

Final Thoughts

Focus on what matters most to your prospective customers. Fancy visuals often distract designers from delivering a familiar, practical experience for people visiting the site. Homeowners and commercial clients don’t need innovation from your company. They just need affordable, reliable service.

Remember that, and your next website could earn you some amazing revenue opportunities!

For all the custom web design, content writing, and original coding you could ask for, team up with our crew at Roofing Webmasters. We’ve helped hundreds of professionals earn exceptional ranking in local search. More importantly, we enable roofers to find sustainable brand growth and better leads. It all starts with understanding your company’s needs.

Let’s talk about your business! Give our team a call and see if a custom website could produce exciting growth for your company. Contact us anytime at (800) 353-5758 for a free consultation.

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