Internet Marketing for Roofing Companies

Internet Marketing for Roofers

What is Internet Marketing for Roofers?

Internet marketing is a form of promotion that utilizes various internet platforms like Google, Facebook, and Yelp to generate leads. Companies investing in marketing for roofers have seen the internet emerging as the top medium to get new customers. Not only do prospective clients find roofers through online search engines, social media networks, and contractor directories, but they also form opinions about those companies based on their online reputation.

Types of Internet Marketing for Roofing Companies

Internet marketing is made up of various components which combine to form a robust promotional strategy for roofing companies. No single task is enough to generate consistent leads for your business, but combining a multitude of tasks essentially guarantees visibility online. Understanding where to begin can be a challenge for roofing contractors which is why Roofing Webmasters will break down the following internet marketing aspects in 2021.

Search Engine Marketing

Appearing on search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing is the most common form of online promotion. There are multiple ways to get your company on search results, with SEO and PPC being the two most popular methods. With SEO, ranking on search results requires patience and consistency along with quality written content, link building, and proper web design. On the other hand, PPC campaigns require only deep pockets and a strong understanding of online advertising.

Social Media Marketing

Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube serve as valuable internet marketing opportunities for roofing professionals. Each platform empowers roofers to distribute content to an audience, either through paid advertising or free posts. Facebook in particular serves as a valuable advertising platform for roofing companies and can yield positive results. Instagram and YouTube focus more on visual content which roofers can distribute in either image or video form.

Online Directory Marketing

Online directories serve internet marketing campaigns in multiple ways, first as another platform on which prospects can find a roofing company and secondly as a signal to strengthen SEO efforts. Plenty of consumers still use directories like HomeAdvisor, Angi, and Better Business Bureau to find nearby roofing companies. Listing your business on each of these platforms is critical for exposure to new customers. Additionally, consistent NAP citations on these directories can strengthen SEO signals, allowing your primary website to rank higher, along with your Google My Business listing.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is an effective way to reach both current and future customers who’ve opted into your email campaigns. There are various ways to expand your email list, most notably through website lead magnets like pop-ups and inline content forms. Users often voluntarily submit their email address in exchange for some kind of value like a coupon code, for example. Once you build a list, you can send out email campaigns that nurture leads and generate sales.

Online Remarketing

Cookies store user’s browsing history as they surf the web, allowing for an additional marketing opportunity for roofers. With remarketing, roofing companies can serve targeted ads to consumers who’ve previously visited their website or engaged with their Facebook page. For example, Facebook pixel tracking stores data about users who’ve engaged with certain Facebook ads and remarkets ads at the best time to enhance conversions.

Internet Marketing Goals for Roofing Contractors

Most companies are hard-pressed for time as it is, so wasting time on unnecessary marketing tasks is the last thing they want. With this in mind, it is important to document internet marketing goals and measure success through ROI. You may want to set aside an SEO budget, a PPC budget, a social media advertising budget, etc. You can hire a digital marketing agency to handle each aspect of your campaign, or you can hire someone in-house to perform the duties.

Generate Leads

Lead generation is an obvious internet marketing goal and one that every roofer takes seriously. There’s no point in wasting promotional dollars if you don’t get leads in exchange. Of course, not all leads hold equal value. For example, shared leads force contractors to compete with nearby competitors for the same customer. Your goal with internet marketing should be to generate exclusive roofing leads which convert at a higher rate and hold greater lifetime value.

Increase ROI

Like with most industries, roofing is a bottom-line business. If you fail to turn a profit from your company, you’re looking at bankruptcy. Measuring ROI for your internet marketing campaign requires a strong understanding of your budget and transparency regarding various aspects of your billing. For instance, some agencies hide their PPC fees using a technique called black-box billing. It is important to ensure you know exactly what’s going out and coming in.

Sustainable Growth

One of the least considered goals for internet marketing is long-term growth, but it is one of the most important. Roofers who seek only short-term gains through PPC ads and other get-rich-quick tactics will fail to benefit long-term from internet marketing. The most appealing aspect of marketing your business online is establishing a digital footprint that will pay off with residual lead generation, brand recognition, and reputation building. With sustainability in mind, it is critical to start ranking your website (with a domain name that you own) on Google as soon as possible.

Hiring an Internet Marketing Agency

You have three options for internet marketing in 2021. First, you can hire an agency to perform various tasks like SEO, PPC, and Facebook Ads. Second, you can hire an in-house marketer to perform those same tasks under a more watchful eye. Finally, you can perform these tasks on your own, which we don’t recommend. As a roofing professional you don’t have time to adequately attend to the internet marketing process for roofers. You will lag behind in both your marketing efforts and your business efforts, hurting both aspects of your company at the same time. Let’s consider which type of agency you should hire.

General Internet Marketing Agencies

You see these kinds of agencies everywhere as they handle all types of industries and clients. They might work with everyone from dentists to water restoration professionals. While these agencies might produce results for a wide variety of clients, it’s rare that an agency can master so many niches without allowing some specifics to fall through the cracks. For example, the processes required to market a doctor online are far different than those that work best for roofers. Use these types of agencies at your own risk.

Local Internet Marketing Agencies

Another type of marketing agency is local, which typically handles a variety of industries but all in the same region. The pitfalls of local marketers are similar to those of general agencies since they handle a wide variety of niches which can dilute their specific understanding of an industry like roofing. The good part about working with a local agency is that they often have relationships with other local institutions, which can allow you to form partnerships with other local companies. Still, using these types of agencies presents a similar risk to general marketers.

Roofing Internet Marketing Agencies

Choosing an agency that deals specifically with roofing are the best bet for contractors. Most of these agencies know the industry far better than other types of agencies. For example, each of their clients targets similar keywords (in different locations) making the campaigns easier to master. Niche agencies can use data from each of their campaigns to improve their overall process, including for your company. Perhaps best of all, these marketers understand the nuance of your industry, and better grasp your goals in marketing and business, overall.

Online Marketing for Roofing Disciplines

Another benefit to choosing a roofing marketing agency is its ability to customize campaigns based on your roofing company’s discipline. For instance, some roofers focus on roof coatings or foam roofing while others work strictly with shingles, tiles, and more common residential materials. Understanding the different nuances of the industry is critical to crafting a successful online promotional campaign. Let’s look at some of the most common disciplines.

Online Marketing for Commercial Roofers

Commercial roofers require a unique set of strategies to property market their companies online. Their website must target various keywords like EPDM roofing, TPO Roofing, Elastomeric Coatings, rubber roofing, etc. Commercial jobs typically yield more money but also take longer to complete, which makes leads a greater premium for these kinds of contractors. Focusing especially on commercial roofing marketing empowers companies to outperform competitors online.

Online Marketing for Residential Roofers

Residential roofers also need specific tasks to maximize their online campaigns, including their own keyword targeting. Depending on the region, a residential company may target everything from asphalt shingle repair, to tile roof repair. Because there is typically more competition or residential roofing, it is important to build up topical authority within a target location. It is local phrases like roofing repair in irving tx that will generate the most clicks on Google search.

Online Marketing for Hybrid Roofers

Some roofing companies do both commercial and residential projects, and others do other specialty services too. A capable marketing agency will customize a campaign and website to meet the roofer’s specific needs. In some cases, it will require a very large website with hundreds of content pages that outline each service type. It is important that every piece of content serves a specific purpose so that Google will crawl and index each page on search results.