Interactive Website: A Must for Roofing Internet Marketing

While ranking high in the search engine results is an important goal for roofing internet marketing, it’s not enough. An equally important goal is conversion rate which depends largely on whether the potential customers find what they want on the company website and eventually pay for your goods and services.

Potential online customers who visit the site will be assessing your competence as a provider of roofing materials or services.  An interactive website will not only give a good impression, but it can also be the venue of initial communications with potential customers.
An interactive website that includes videos, slideshows, podcasts and other multimedia presentations about your products and services will surely have an edge over competing websites without interactive features. For example, showing your showroom, warehouse and finished projects will help a lot in making the potential customer decide to do business with your roofing company.  Interactive websites also provide the following services to their online visitors:
1. E-mail – It’s more convenient to email through your site’s page than from their email account. There’s no need to worry if the email address is correct.
2. Live help – This is a very important tool for sales and service companies.  Potential customers who would prefer to deal with their roofing problems outside of their working hours would find live help very convenient.
3. Online payment – This is almost a standard feature if you want to promote your company online. Secure online payment benefits both the company and the customer.
4. Online newsletters – The newsletter can be available on the website or you can ask for visitors’ email addresses so that you can send it to them. This is one way to continue getting in touch with visitors. You can announce new products or services through newsletters. When they need your services later, your newsletter subscribers may not search for other service providers anymore.
An internet marketing company for roofing can help your website attain high conversion rates with properly managed interactive features.