Hidden SEO Tips For Roofers

Roofing Webmasters Hidden SEO TipsRoofing companies who have invested in an official website have likely been faced with the task of search engine optimization. While some SEO techniques like keyword research, and NAP citations are common knowledge, others are less talked and written about. Roofing companies can take advantage of these “hidden SEO” techniques and take their online presence to the next level in 2018.

Do you manage your own website? Or do you pay someone to manage it for you? The first step to optimization is defining your goals and delegating responsibilities. It’s important to know who’s doing what, when they’re doing it, and so forth. As is the case with any business investment, properly attributing the source of your leads increases overall efficiency and revenue. Take a look at some of the hidden SEO tips for roofers:

Image Optimization

Images are a an often overlooked part of SEO, and can be the difference between a mediocre performing page, and a high performing page. There are several ways in which images can be optimized for search. Roofing Webmasters performs each one as part of our SEO services:

  • Alt Text: Keywords should be placed in alt text
  • File Name: Should be renamed to image-name.jpg
  • File Type: Should be in .jpg or .png format
  • File Size: Should be compressed using WPSmush or other tools

Featured Snippets

Every roofing company would like to rank #1 on Google. The reality though is that there are numerous competitors for a single spot. Traditionally, the only way to secure the #1 organic ranking was to have the best links, the best on page optimization, and the best off page optimization, not to mention a good reputation. There is now another way, the featured snippet:

  1. Step 1: Pose a question in your title or header
  2. Step 2: Answer the question in the subsequent paragraph text (in list or bullet point form preferably)
  3. Step 3: Follow standard SEO protocol
  4. Step 4: Hope you earn a featured snippet which appears on top of organic results

Most websites that earn featured snippets already rank in the top 10 for the given search query and / or keyword. That’s why step 3 is so important. Your entire website must be optimized — not just the section you are trying to earn a snippet for. Regardless of which, featured snippets present a new opportunity to rank #1 on Google.

Schema Markup

Ever wonder why certain search results appear more attractive than others? It’s because their data has undergone a process known as schema markup. The schema.org project was started by Google and collaborated on by some of the world’s top developers and companies. It is an agreed upon set of microdata tags that can better communicate your webpage content to Google. Examples of schema markup includes:

  • Reviews Snippets: An aggregate review rating of your roofing company underneath the result
  • Rich Snippets: Sub menus underneath traditional results
  • Video Snippets: Accompanying videos with search results

Roofing Webmasters

Want to take advantage of the hidden SEO in your market? Roofing Webmasters can help you get there. With our internet marketing services, we can give you the edge over competitors. In addition to the obvious optimization techniques like keyword placement, and on-page SEO, we also pay attention to every last detail, from Image optimization to schema markup. Our design team works collaboratively with our content team to form the ultimate marketing solution for roofers.

You might be sick of promises made to you by various marketing companies. They might promise an abundance of traffic that turns out to be empty (doesn’t lead to conversions). They might promise an increase in metrics (click-through rate) that once again don’t lead to conversions. The best way to ensure good marketing services is to demand accountability. That’s what is done at Roofing Webmasters with our month-to-month agreements. You are never locked in long-term, so we are constantly evaluated and held accountable. Call (800) 353-5758 for more hidden SEO tips for roofers.

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