Should Roofers Worry About Google Algorithms?

Google Search Page on iPadGoogle recently rolled out a search algorithm update, something the search engine says they do routinely throughout a calendar year. Though some roofing websites might be affected, Google stresses that there is no “fix” for pages that suffer a rankings drop. Instead, the internet powerhouse urges web developers to focus on creating great content, a recommendation that speaks volumes about the direction of internet marketing through the first quarter of 2018. With each official statement from Google, it becomes more evident that “staying the course’ is the best strategy for small businesses that market services online.

The consensus from Google, and other marketing experts, is that those impacted by recent algorithm updates should not react at all. Micro-level changes to Google’s algorithm should not worry roofing companies, and their focus should remain on macro-level philosophies endorsed by Google, namely user experience, and responsive website design. While we can’t know exactly what tweaks are made in each algorithmic update, we do know the goal of the updates, and that’s what we can work towards in our own website development. In summary, roofing companies should not concern themselves with each Google algorithm update, and here’s why:

Algorithms Change Regularly

Reacting to every single algorithm update would mean constant changes to your website, something not conducive to brand development, search engine optimization, or customer retention. Aside from the fact that exact parameters of algorithm updates are not released publicly, being proactive rather than reactive is a better overall strategy in the long term. Google’s overarching philosophy is well documented, and websites that continue working towards it have the least to worry about going forward. Some of the ways in which roofing companies can be proactive with optimization include:

  • Content Marketing: Crafting high quality content through pages, posts, and social shares
  • Responsive Design: Implementing RWD so your website can be accessed through any device
  • Structured Data: Organizing content so it can be accurately interpreted by web crawlers

Google’s Priorities Are Clear

Since exact criteria is not released, crafting a website around Google’s algorithm is implausible. What we do know however, is that Google’s overarching philosophy is the enhancement of user experience, and that’s a methodology applicable to every aspect of a website. By implementing elements that cater to user experience, roofing companies can fundamentally improve their site’s ranking potential. Consistently publishing great content, and meeting the needs of your target audience with mobile usability, both contribute to marketing success in 2018. Google’s priorities are:

  • Mobile Usability: Accessibility to mobile users
  • Site Speed: Lighting fast loading speeds
  • User Experience: Presenting users with relevant information quickly

Roofing Webmasters

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