Developing Roofer Content for Google

Roofer Google ContentWhat type of content does Google look for from roofing companies? This is a question asked by many roofing contractors who are not seeing the desired results from their internet marketing campaign. The first 3 results on Google SERPs receive over 60% of the clicks. That means your content must be elite, in order to earn the desired Google ranking. For Google roofer content services, call (800) 353-5758Here are some aspects of roofer content, developed specifically for Google search engine users:

Content Quality

The main component of Google roofer content, is quality. Google prioritizes user experience, so your website content should be informative, relevant, and easy to read. If it comes across as spammy, or below the average reading level, you are likely going to suffer the consequences. Google details their content standards on Webmaster Guidelines. Some of the elements of content quality include:

  • Credible: Whatever industry you are in, your content must reflect credibility within it
  • Engaging: Your content must interest users enough for them to stick around
  • Readable: Content must be on the appropriate reading level
  • Useful/Informative: Your content must inform visitors about your service or product

If your roofer website content checks all these boxes, you are well on your way to online marketing success. These components will increase signals to Google, including, the amount of time spent on your web pages, the decrease in bounce rates, and the increase in click through rates.

Keyword Research

There is a lot of disagreement about the importance of keywords in today’s SEO climate. Google has made it known that content quality supersedes keywords, in regards to SERP rankings. While keyword stuffing is an unacceptable practice that will cause a Google penalty, keyword research is still an important part of content development for roofing companies. Good roofer keywords have the following qualities:

  • Competition: The term “roofer” is already used by so many websites, that you have virtually zero chance of ranking well for that exact term, you can instead combine it with more specific keywords
  • Relevant: Attracting potential customers is the goal, so irrelevant traffic does not help you
  • Specific: Make use of long tail keywords that represent industry specific buying intent
  • Volume: You want to target keywords with a high search volume, meaning people search for it often

Keywords are still a factor in Google rankings. As long as their inclusion doesn’t come at the expense of content quality, they will be a major factor to the improvement of your position on Google SERPs. Make sure your keywords are also presented in title tags, header tags, and meta descriptions.

Link Construction

Roofing contractors should fill their website with high quality links, both internally and externally. Link spamming will cost you a spot on the Google rankings, while sensible link building will only improve your chances of ranking high. There are several key components of a well designed link structure. They include:

  • Authoritative: Your outbound links should only send users to authority websites that are trustworthy, and do not contain spam
  • Fresh: Your links should be relevant today, not 5 years ago, if you have links to outdated sources, you should update them ASAP
  • Relevant: The words or phrases which are linked from, are considered “anchor text”, and they should only link to pages, either internal or external, that are related

Using links to enhance the user experience, sends Google signals that your website deserves to move up in the rankings. While spam links are a real problem throughout the internet, it is not links themselves that are the problem, it’s the tactics in which they are used that give them a bad name. To discuss Google roofer content services, call (800) 353-5758.