Creating a Successful Roofer PPC Campaign

Analytics AdWords and Google SearchGoogle AdWords might seem overrated to some in the roofing industry. And if used improperly, it can certainly be a waste of money. Besides that, the process of attracting clicks, acquiring leads, and converting customers is easier said than done for many roofing contractors. As a company that specializes in this industry, Roofing Webmasters has learned quite a bit over the years about what elements make up a successful roofer PPC campaign. Our findings are not just theories, but they are based on running hundreds of PPC campaigns for roofing companies just like yours. The primary elements are:


There is a misconception about paid search campaigns. The popularity of the technique has produced a convoluted viewpoint about what does or does not constitute success. We have gotten away from common sense marketing, and headed into a space of irrelevancy. For roofers, the only thing that should matter, is the bottom line; ROI. And to have a positive ROI, budgets must be set strategically. Your budget should be:

  • Capped: Every budget should have a threshold it cannot pass
  • Dependent: Your budget (within its confides) should depend on market opportunity
  • Flexible: Each budget should posses an ability to adapt based on unforeseen variables

Some of the above concepts might seem like they conflict, but that is not the case in reality. While you want to set definite caps for your budget, you want to maintain the ability to adjust within those constraints. Producing a net gain is all about reading the market, and adjusting as you move along.


An abundance of Google AdWords measurement tools exist. Besides the popular and effective Google Analytics, free tools like Free AdWords Performance Grader from WordStream are also available. With so many ways to measure PPC success, there is no excuse not to monitor every aspect of the campaign. Some of the best metrics to look at are:

  • Click Through Rate: Percentage of users who click on the ad
  • Conversion Rate: Percentage of users who complete a defined call to action
  • Quality Score: Google’s rating of your campaigns value as it pertains to ad quality and keyword relevance

Measurements are so important because they help us make adjustments based on new information. Those adjustments lead to positive ROI for the advertiser. One of the main reasons so many companies lose money on campaigns is because they assume their responsibilities are over once the launch first takes place. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Successful campaigns require continual adjustments.


Before you can expect to generate ROI from a pay per click campaign, you have to do extensive research on your audience, and market opportunity. Too many contractors rush their campaigns in hopes of fast results. While some of the appeal of PPC is based on how quickly it works, it won’t work at all if insufficiently researched. Before you launch a campaign, you should consider:

  • Competition: How competitive certain industry keywords are, and how many ads are fighting for the same ones
  • Demand / Supply: The number of people needing roofing services at a given time in a specific location, versus the amount of companies who can supply them
  • Location: As referenced above, the geographic locations of potential consumers along with the supply and demand within the area
  • Season: The time of year — during hail season, for example, there will be greater opportunity for hail storm PPC

The great thing about AdWords is that it offers Keyword Planner for many of your research needs. Besides that tool, contractors can invest in SEMRush, SpyFu, Moz, and other popular products to get a more expansive research profile. Understanding that Google is the most popular search engine in the world sheds light on exactly how extensive their usage is. Almost all of your competitors are using, or considering using; AdWords. Call (800) 353-5758 to talk with a roofing PPC expert about your next campaign.

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