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TrueWorks Roofing: Case Study

TrueWorks Roofing Case Study Cover

TrueWorks Roofing joined Roofing Webmasters in December 2020, and their website has progressively improved to become a local powerhouse. With the use of DataPins, their website continues to improve into 2023. Google Search Console shows their clicks increased by 7.8% in the last 90 days.

Screenshot of Google Search Console Clicks over Past 90 Days
Screenshot of Google Search Console Graph of Past 90 Days

Diving deeper into TrueWork Roofing’s Google Search Console data, we can see that their website and Google Business Profile register #1 rankings for 30+ trackable queries. Of course, the total #1 rankings are even more than that, as over half of all queries are not trackable in Google Search Console. If we check out the top-5 rankings for trackable queries, TrueWorks 70 total top-5 rankings.

Screenshot of Google Search Console Queries

Local SERP Rankings

Roofing companies understand the importance of ranking in Google’s Local Map-Pack in 2023. TrueWorks succeeds by appearing in the Local Map 3-Pack for lots of relevant local queries. The DataPins app allows them to register map-pack rankings for various long-tail keywords, including ecodur roof coatings houston.

Screenshot of Local Map 3-Pack Rankings

Pins (From DataPins Tool)

A large portion of TrueWork’s success stems from its consistent use of the DataPins tool. As you can see, their website features over 700 total pins and showcases jobs recently as this week. DataPins’ unique tagging system allows individual website pages to benefit from pins. For example, TrueWorks Roofing’s F-Wave shingles page features topically relevant pins to boost authority.

Screenshot of Pins (from DataPins) on Roofing Website

2023 Projections

We are still in Q1 of 2023, and TrueWorks traffic is projected to increase even more throughout the year. Their regular use of DataPins empowers their website to publish fresh content with topically relevant signals. Furthermore, their presence on Google’s Local Map 3-Pack allows them to garner traffic and visibility from local consumers.

How TrueWorks Roofing Improved Performance


Their use of DataPins cannot be overstated when evaluating their ongoing success. Combining consistent pins with fully-optimized service and city pages creates a synergistic organic presence that roofers covet. By tagging your pins to the relevant services and service areas, you continually signal expertise, experience, authoritativeness, and trust to search engines.

Website Design

DataPins is maximized by the custom website design that features individual service and city pages. Furthermore, the design consisted of clean code aimed to please search engine crawlers and users alike. The CTA buttons encourage user engagement which allows the site to convert users who show interest. Best of all, the site is designed to foster a positive user experience which is reflected in on-site behavior.

On-Page SEO

It’s easy to overlook many of the instances of on-page SEO. However, Roofing Webmasters understands that the details can make a difference. Our team carefully optimized every page on this website to ensure proper user intent and crawlability for search engines. Combining on-page optimization with DataPins use is the recipe for success.

Google Business Profile Optimization

Ranking on Google’s Map 3-Pack requires more than just an optimized website. To rank on Google Maps, roofers need an optimized Google Business Profile. TrueWorks Roofing does a great job of showcasing unique photos on its business profile and connecting its DataPins and SEO-optimized website. Google Maps pulls information from the connected website to help rank the Business Profile for relevant queries.