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Colony Roofers Case Study

Colony Case Study

Launch Date: 7/6/20

Domain Age: 6/11/2017

Domain Authority: 28

Keywords Ranking in Top 10 on Google

More than 1,000 keywords indexed within Google Search Console, including hundreds within the top 10. Here are some of the most impressive but only a fraction of the total amount:

KeywordOrganic Ranking
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Google Analytics (Last 180 Days)

Colony Last 180
Colony Graph

In the Last 180 days:

Users have increased by 193.4%

Sessions have increased by 143.5%

DataPins Check-insĀ 

Colony Roofers has performed 975 check-ins which have fueled their traffic and ranking increases. Additionally, the check-ins increase authority and foster a higher conversion rate.

Colony Check-ins

How Colony Roofers Increased Performance

Website Redesign

Colony hired Roofing Webmasters to redesign their website and focus on SEO and conversions. The site speed increased, which led to lower bounce rates and higher conversions. Tactfully placed CTAs also improved lead generation, and clean navigation sparked more time on site for users.

Keyword Research

The Colony campaign relied on in-depth keyword research to maximize peripheral traffic. After Roofing Webmasters strengthened the website enough to rank for primary terms like atlanta roofing company, we went to work at claiming the less common variations. For example, commercial roofing keywords helped increase traffic and conversions in 2021.

Search Engine Optimization

Colony took off after we properly optimized their content for search. We created a URL structure with internal links to service pages which helped create topical authority and enhanced user experience. We focused on creating high-quality content that targeted keywords with supplemental LSI terms to strengthen the site’s authority. 


While our work with the website created a foundation for success, DataPins (our local SEO tool) allowed Colony Roofers to 10x their organic traffic. Colony performed consistent check-ins with the app, which led to more traffic and a superior reputation with Google and Facebook reviews. The tool helps Colony appear on the Local Map 3-Pack, which accounts for additional traffic and leads.