Can I trick Google?

Fooling Google

As a roofing company you need to be easily found online. But the competition is fierce and when you want to get to the top fast, it is often tempting to consider taking short cuts to the top. Many SEO companies even partake in using tricks to get your site to the top. So the question is, can you trick Google? Is fooling Google possible if you play the right tricks?

trying to trick googleThe simple answer is no. Google is extremely smart and while your tricks may work for a short time, they will not give you long lasting results. When you use trickery and cheating to climb to the top of the search engines, you will eventually fall. And when you do fall, you may find yourself stuck at the bottom for a long time to come. Google now penalizes sites, and some domain names can be ruined beyond saving by improper SEO tactics.

Watch out for the following old tricks which Google has wised up to.

Keyword Rich

Once upon a time, almost every site you went to was keyword stuffed. This is when you take your keyword phrase and city and stuff it throughout all your content. These keyword rich snippets and thin content may have worked for a while. But today Google cracks down on keyword stuffing. They penalize sites that employ this and recognize authoritative, rich content instead. Remember, your content should be original, expert and informative. Google should trust what you have to say.

Dual Sites

dual sitesAnother once popular trick that no longer works was creating dual sites. Many companies wound up with numerous sites in an attempt to garner more web traffic. Now Google searches for your business name, address, phone number and more to find dual sites. They want one site for one business. Even trying to trick Google by changing the name of your business on each website can cause you to be penalized. Google will even go so far as to check the information used to register the domain name to find dual sites.

The Right Way

If you want your roofing site to reach the top and stay at the top, you have to go about it the right way. That means hard work, attention to detail and playing by Google’s rules. Here at Roofing Webmasters that’s exactly what we do for our clients. If you need help reaching the top give us a call. We will guide you in proper SEO.