5 Qualities of a Strong Backlink For Roofers

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When people speak about SEO they mostly refer to on page optimization like keyword placement, and content marketing. But the most influential characteristic of a website’s search visibility is not keywords, or even content. It is inbound links, often referred to as backlinks. These connections are formed when external domains (other websites) deliberately link back to your website. Roofing contractors should be weary of the nature through which links are formed, since Google has vehemently denounced manipulative link building tactics. Before some of Google’s major algorithm updates, websites routinely purchased links as a way to improve their search ranking — and it worked. In 2018, that is no longer the case, as these tactics are now easily flagged by Google and can lead to a penalty and severe rankings drop. But backlinks still hold great influence over search ranking — when they are generated ethically. Here are 5 qualities of a strong backlink:

1) Relevant

An easy way to spot spammy links is when the source and destination have nothing in common. For example, a national content farm that posts celebrity gossip should not link to a local roofing website. Instead, links should originate from relevant sources. For example, a link from a materials manufacturer would be a sensible connection to a local roofing site. Relevant links are:

  • Contextual: Are exhibited within the context of the page’s topic
  • Helpful: Serve a purpose to the reader of the source webpage

2) Trustworthy

Links from spam sites have the opposite impact of an effective backlink. Google rates websites based on their level of spam, and determines their trust level accordingly. A content farm is likely to have a poor spam score and therefore would not serve as a helpful backlink. Conversely an established website with no spam can have a very positive impact on the page it links to. Trustworthy links are:

  • Organic: Did not require financial incentive
  • Spam-Free: Lack any kind of on page spam

3) Engaging

The fundamental object of a backlink is to provide the user / reader with a useful anecdote. The engagement level of link can be determined easily by the number of users who decide to click on it. If the link is properly integrated into the page’s content, it should encourage more clicks. Conversely, a backlink that seems random and out of context is unlikely to be interacted with by the user. Engaging links are:

  • Appealing: Worthy of the user’s attention
  • Facilitating: Ease the user’s web experience

4) Unique

Having all of your inbound links coming from a single domain is not conducive to higher rankings. The most valuable backlinks come from a unique source, unrelated to your current library of backlink sources. SEO tools like MOZ categorize unique sources as Linking Root Domains, and the number of them outweighs the number of total links. Unique links are:

  • Isolated: Are an individual entity
  • Original: The first link from a particular domain

5) Non Reciprocal

“Help me Help You” is not a mantra Google adores. Link exchanges, for lack of a better term, occur when websites form an agreement or “understanding” that they will create inbound links to each other’s’ sites. While this won’t merit a Google penalty, it fails to provide any meaningful value to either website, rendering its use ineffective. Non reciprocal links are:

  • Earned: Based on the linked page’s value and merit
  • Genuine: Born out of necessity rather than incentive

Internet Marketing For Roofers

Are you a roofing contractor hoping to earn quality inbound links to your website? If so, investing in Roofing Webmasters is a great option. We use content marketing, SEO, and social media management to foster intriguing backlink opportunities. We never engage in manipulative tactics or black-hat SEO, which will incur an official Google penalty. Instead we focus on creating the best possible website with the best possible content, which will naturally lead to more inbound links from quality sources. Although earning quality links doesn’t happen overnight, consistent and productive actions will eventually secure valuable connections. Call (800) 353-5758 for internet marketing services for roofers.