Roofing SEO in West Norriton, PA

Search engine optimization, or SEO, will help your roofing company reach higher for the coveted first page of search results on sites like Google and Bing. People these days are busier than ever, so very few take the time to sift through multiple pages of search results. For that reason, it truly pays to be on the front page — and we can take you there, because we are specialists in roofing SEO for West Norriton, PA. 

More consumers now search on-the-go from their smartphones and tablets. They are looking for fast search results, especially if they have a leaky roof or storm damage. To make sure they see your company at the top of the results page, we provide every service you’ll need to dominate in your local roofing market. Higher positions mean more calls and more opportunity to grow your business in your local community. And that’s exactly what we’ll work for you to accomplish!

Web Design for Roofing Contractors

Excellent web design is the starting point for a prime spot in the search results. Search engines give preferential placement to websites that are designed and coded well, have plenty of good content, and are linked to active social media accounts. And don’t fret if you’re not into social media; we can manage those pages for you to ensure they’re actively updated and encourage customer engagement, all of which helps your search engine grade.

Our design team is highly skilled and very talented. They will build you an attractive, intuitive roofing website that is also optimized for search engine marketing in West Norriton to get you the most exposure to potential customers.

Current Marketing Realities

West Norriton, Pennsylvania is where 15,805 people call home. Of those 13,893 residents in West Norriton who use the internet, 7,085 (51%) are using smartphones to peruse online. What does this mean for you? In order to cater to these local consumers, your company website must load quickly and incorporate responsive design to function well on this medium. Otherwise, you’re potentially losing customers to poor web design.

Consider, too, that half of the searches made from these devices are needing service locally, and 60% or more of the queries made will result in some sort of transaction. For a local service provider, this is key! Your internet marketing strategy must include mapping that is managed well to ensure locals know that you’re nearby and available for their service area.

We know that 85% (13,434 people in West Norriton, PA) rely on searches via the web to find service companies, and it’s important to note that social media can actually play a big role in influencing a potential customer to reach out to a given company for 7,270 (46%) consumers in West Norriton, PA.

So what does all this mean? We are aware of these realities and will ensure that your social media presence and web design is optimized to meet these customers where they are. With nearly 13,893 (87.9%) people in West Norriton, PA shopping online, it’s crucial to pay attention to how they shop, and we’ll make sure they can find you as they do!

Let’s Go!

Are you ready to see your company name on that first page of results? The sooner we get started, the sooner we can see that become a reality! Reach out to our team at (800) 353-5758 and we’ll get going on your beautiful new website right away.

Experience the difference that truly effective, hands-on SEO for your roofing company in West Norriton, PA can make!