South Whitehall, PA SEO for Roofers

Roofers don’t have it easy given the fierce competition out there for business. But what most see as a commodity — your website — is actually a huge opportunity to stand out from the crowd. To be more precise, the whole of your online presence for your roofing company can make or break you! Every aspect of your site, social media accounts, Google accounts, and more can contribute to the strength of your business when it comes to vying for search engine rankings. This is so important because most consumers will use their phones or laptops to do a quick internet search when they need to address a leaky roof or deal with storm damage. If your roofing company has SEO for the South Whitehall, PA region, you’ll be able to capture more business and make sure that your competition isn’t hogging all the jobs.

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Local Marketing Facts

South Whitehall, Pennsylvania is where 19,602 people call home. Of those 17,230 residents in South Whitehall who use the internet, 8,787 (51%) are using smartphones to peruse online. What does this mean for you? In order to cater to these local consumers, your company website must load quickly and incorporate responsive design to function well on this medium. Otherwise, you’re potentially losing customers to poor web design.

Consider, too, that half of the searches made from these devices are needing service locally, and 60% or more of the queries made will result in some sort of transaction. For a local service provider, this is key! Your internet marketing strategy must include mapping that is managed well to ensure locals know that you’re nearby and available for their service area.

We know that 85% (16,662 people in South Whitehall, PA) rely on searches via the web to find service companies, and it’s important to note that social media can actually play a big role in influencing a potential customer to reach out to a given company for 9,017 (46%) consumers in South Whitehall, PA.

So what does all this mean? We are aware of these realities and will ensure that your social media presence and web design is optimized to meet these customers where they are. With nearly 17,230 (87.9%) people in South Whitehall, PA shopping online, it’s crucial to pay attention to how they shop, and we’ll make sure they can find you as they do!

A Team of Experts

When you call Roofing Webmasters, you’re getting more than just some folks who can throw up a website. You’re reaching a team of seasoned experts who specialize in SEO for roofing companies, and who understand that every aspect of your business online is a chance to optimize. Our in-house web copywriters craft every word with SEO for roofing in South Whitehall in mind, and we structure each page and the overall navigation in a manner that looks attractive to search engines like Google. This means they’ll like your site better (among the competition), which over time will result in higher placement in the search rankings. Our designers code the back-end of the site to better represent what you do and who you are, and we’ll integrate existing social media accounts — or build those for you — so that your representation online is seamless.

Every little detail contributes to how strongly you can compete online, and we utilize methods that truly work to move the needle on your search engine placement. SEO is a hands-on pursuit, which is why we continue to make updates every single month to your site. You’ll keep moving up and up in the search results, so more customers can find you easily and keep your phone ringing!

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