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In these times when uncertainty is the norm, you may be finding it harder than ever to keep up with Google reviews for your roofing business. Google reviews are actually suspended at the moment. While your customers can still submit their reviews they will not actually go live as of now. This is due to the fact that many reviewers are falsely accusing certain service providers of infecting them with COVID-19. Some reviewers are also leaving unfavorable reviews for businesses that are adhering to the shelter in place laws and closing their doors. So to stem the tide of damaging and false reviews, Google reviews are temporarily suspended. 

But there are alternative review sources that you can be utilized in this time. And when this is all over, your business will be stronger because you can still utilize these alternative review sources whenever you like in addition to Google reviews. But before we get into it, you should know why Google reviews are so important in the first place.

Understanding the Importance of Google Reviews

Even if you don’t own a business, you have probably seen and used Google reviews. They usually appear on the side of Search Engine Results Pages under the name of a business you looked up or one related to your search. They may have a short blurb from the reviewer along with a star rating. So why are these little sections on a Google search so important?

Basically, Google reviews are so important because they let people know that your business is trustworthy. The statistics don’t lie. People rely on Google reviews to help them make decisions on which service to use and which businesses to patronize every single day. Over half of all consumers who use the internet to search for businesses or services say that they will check Google reviews before they patronize a business. And if that doesn’t drive the point home, a whopping 94% of the same type of online consumers say that they have been driven away from a business because of a bad review.

Basically, Google reviews can make or break your roofing business. They help people make the decision to use your services and the more positive and recent reviews you have on your Google My Business account, the more likely you will be to see increased traffic, leads, and sales. So what do we do know when Google reviews are in limbo?

Alternative Review Sources

Thankfully, Google reviews is not the only game in town. While it is the most prominent, there are viable alternative review sources that you can use to supplement your business in these lean times. Here are some of the best alternative review sources that you can utilize right now:

Facebook Business Reviews 

Facebook uses a star-rating system that is similar to Google reviews for users who have business profile accounts. Friends, family and customers can interact with your business via your businesses’ social media page and people who have used your services can also leave reviews. Facebook is still a powerful and active tool for businesses. It is estimated that Facebook affects 52% of users purchasing choices both online and off. Part of the reason it is still so effective is because people can see which businesses their friends and family (people they trust) have used and recommend.


Yelp is actively taking measures to curate their content in this time so that false claims and negative reviews being borne of shelter in place adherence don’t make it onto their website. They are actively managing review content which is one of the reasons why they are still active at this time. Yelp is a great way to salvage the reviews of happy customers you have done roofing work for in this time and bolster your work flow.

Better Business Bureau

The Better Business Bureau is one of the most established sources for consumer information. To this day it is still the go-to source for business information and reviews by millions of people. In fact, for roofing specifically, the Better Business Bureau was ranked 2nd behind only Google reviews in sources that consumers turned to when they wanted information on a roofing business and to read reviews of their services. 

Acquiring Reviews

Knowing the best alternative review sources for your roofing business is important, but it’s only half the battle. Next, you need to know how to get people to actually review your business. Asking for reviews is a subtle art form. It requires preparation and tact. Here is a shortlist of steps you can take to better prepare you to ask your customers for reviews:

Do the Research

A lot of people are disinclined to leave reviews because they don’t know what the process involves. People are busy and even if they really liked the roofing work you did for them they probably won’t leave a review if they don’t know how. Take some time to do the research. Find out how to leave a review on each of the platforms mentioned in the previous section. Go through the process yourself a few times so that you can walk a customer through it.

Reach Out

You can reach out to your clients with a template email or text that includes a link to where they can leave a review. You can also use a business card with the link printed on it. 

Train your Team 

You won’t always be there to ask a customer for a review yourself so it is important to make sure your team knows how to politely ask clients for reviews and to leave materials for them to get the process going

Thanks for Watching

We hope you find this post helpful. Remember, while these practices are especially important during this pandemic crisis, they can and should also be utilized when things get back to normal so take them to heart. As always, you can reach out to us here at Roofing Webmasters for more information or to take advantage of our professional marketing services.

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