3 Ways Roofers Waste Marketing Dollars

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For roofing contractors, the marketing industry is like a shop full of self-help books. Many of them are trying to manipulate you in some way, and a good percentage of them are proud of it. Still, they make bank off of unsuspecting contractors, many of whom operate under the illusion that these services care at all about the success of their business. Despite multiple algorithm updates, many of which penalized link schemes and thin content, there are still loopholes that create an unfair advantage for certain domains. The ones who suffer the most are the contractors, because they assume that the top results are the best services, and end up blowing their money on half-hearted efforts. Here are 4 ways roofers waste marketing dollars:

Automated Social Media

The social media industry has been a microcosm of internet marketing, and it’s evolution has moved much faster than SEO as a whole. Just 2 years ago, it was fairly easy to reach Facebook users organically through Company Pages. That is no longer the case. The inception of this algorithmic change stems from the preponderance of social spam on branded profiles. This is not limited to Facebook, but also includes Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and others. Automated social posts are fundamentally antisocial, and conflict with the very concept on which it’s published.

Black Hat SEO

The service industry seems to be stuck in the past, in a time when SEO meant something completely different than it does now. Yes, the definition hasn’t changed, but what it is defining certainly has. The search engine (SE) is the principal subject of SEO. Because the top search engines, and most importantly; Google, have evolved over time, the optimization process has followed suit. What once ascended your website to the top of results, can now have it slapped with an official Google penalty. Any manipulative search engine tactics are considered black hat SEO. That includes keyword stuffing, link scheming, hidden text, sneaky redirects, and more.

Guesswork PPC

Without measurement, your PPC campaign is a gamble. Try hitting the roulette table and putting a dime on 00, and then you’ll feel like what it feels like to invest in a PPC campaign on a whim. Companies that consistently succeed on Google AdWords have years of data-driven research to back up their actions. They aren’t “guessing” what will work, they are doing what has proven to work over time. If you don’t have enough data to create a projectable campaign, you can invest in a company like Roofing Webmasters who has decades of data to support your efforts.

The Roofing Webmasters Solution

There’s a simple way to avoid each of the common pitfalls above. Invest in internet marketing services from Roofing Webmasters. We don’t automate social posts, but instead craft real-time, socially acceptable content. There is a zero-tolerance policy for black hat SEO at our offices. We don’t even consider using manipulative tactics. Our PPC campaigns are 100% data driven, backed up by decades of accumulated insights, and executed by a Google certified manager. Get started with our services today by calling (800) 353-5758. You won’t be sorry.