3 Cutting Edge SEO Techniques

Many of the contractors we talk to at Roofing Webmasters want to know:

How can I separate my company from the competition?

This question does not have a short or simple answer. The SEO industry is so competitive that people are continually looking for ways to get a leg up on the competition at any cost. Falling into practices that blur the line of ethics is not something we endorse at Roofing Webmasters. Patience is critical when implementing an organic SEO strategy that will lead to sustained success and an authoritative online presence. Still, SEO continues to evolve, and companies that can keep up will reap the rewards of internet marketing success. Here are three cutting edge SEO techniques for roofing companies:

3 Cutting Edge SEO Techniques

1) Blog Channels

The internet is becoming more comprehensive with each passing day. Almost everyone has a blog these days, so differentiating yours is a way to stand out from the competition. Blog channels are a cutting edge technique when talking about SEO for roofers. Separating multiple blogs into more specific niches can help brand your roofing company and diversify its online assets. Not only do you create more appearances on search engine results pages (SERPs), but you cater to specific niches that can each generate a core following.

2) Exclusive Infographics

Most people are visual learners. Users who visit your website and blog are not interested in massive text blocks without any break in between. Exclusive infographics are a way to generate unique content that will engage users. Infographics are also a great tool to create backlinks to your website. Authority websites will want to curate your visual content and will link back to your website in exchange. Hubspot details how to embed code for your infographics, which will allow them to be easily shared. Infographics can be used in blog posts and web pages and provide the reader with a visual interpretation of the current subject.

3) Interview Content

Interviews are a great way to generate exclusive information on your website and blog. By conducting interviews with industry connections or friends of the industry, you can help create more traffic to your roofing company website. It would be best if you published interviews in either text or video format. Text content allows you to make the questions and answers look appealing to the viewer, while videos offer the chance to incorporate YouTube into your blog posts. In the modern marketing landscape, unique content will make your company stand out.

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